May 6, 2022
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About Russophobia nowhere browner

“Guard! We are dog shit!”, or those who hate selflessly

The intelligentsia that emigrated from Russia will no doubt be divided into old and new. Quite a lot has been said about the new emigration (although not everything), but what is the old emigration? Sometimes it seems that she is nothing. Who was someone, they died, the rest went crazy. And how else to react to an article by, say, a violinist-writer-journalist Leonid Moiseevich Girshovich (born in 1948, in exile since 1973; lived in Israel, served in the army, fled from the blessed land and has been living in Germany since 1979, Russophobe is browner nowhere) by which any psychiatrist can derive a clinical picture of psychological projection?

There is such a psychological defense mechanism as projection. Under its influence, what comes from the outside is perceived internally erroneously. A person ascribes to someone his own thoughts, feelings, motives, character traits, and so on. For example, he loves to get grounded, to portray a connoisseur of the Russian soul – and he attributes to the Russians what boils in him, overflows, poisons his mind and the atmosphere around him with his breath. “dog shit”: “… Russian arrogance is archaic, it walks around like a boyar in three fur coats, it manifests itself in forms that are found in its pure form only among primitive peoples. The Russians themselves are ready to attribute themselves to them when they are in the phase of “dog shit”. (“Crisis of national consciousness: oh, how is it?! How cruelly we were deceived! It turns out that our sword is worthless this shield, bastard, misled us … And the wolf: karauuuuuuuuuul! We dog shitoooooo!“)”. The fury of an old emigrant in his eighties smacks of schizophasia.

The young emigrant hits schizophasia easily, on the move. The senior comrade is always happy to help the young shift in heating up Russophobia to the right degree. After all, Russians are not like people: “Russian food is not a pretender. He will eat whatever he likes. He will set the table with his mayonnaise “salads” and “vinaigrettes”, cabbage pies, Korean carrots, saltwort and kharcho, order a skewer or two shish kebab, and for tea he will take a Napoleon cake with cream on condensed milk. Whitening the borscht with mayonnaise and slapping the same Beluga, he will point his finger at the ruby ​​brooch in the sky: “See, the plane? So our dough is even higher.” Seeing a rainbow, arrogance goes in the other direction: “It’s not good for me to bend over” ”. Do you see a reason for personal hatred? And he is!

It seems that for these, scary to say, thirty-three years old Girshovich never noticed any German pride, which caused the Second World War, or German beer, or sausages with cabbage, or lard donuts, or the legendary rich Eintopf, the official recipe which was approved in Nazi Germany for propaganda purposes, which Eintopf, according to the researcher of totalitarian thinking Viktor Klemperer, became a symbol of the people’s community for the Third Reich: “Eintopf we all eat only what is modestly cooked in one pot, we all eat from the same pot … “– otherwise, why would Leonid Moiseevich reproach the Russians for having the nation’s favorite dishes?

Strange is the very heightened attention to Russian food, which for Girshovich is more than just food. He keeps coming back to what these disgusting Russians eat or should eat: “Today, the owner of the house, according to the logic of things, should eat steaming potatoes with beluga caviar, scooping it directly from a two-liter vessel, which he will push to the guest and say, yawning: “Join, for cognac, that’s it.” Cognac for a Russian person has been tea-coloured vodka for centuries: he drank exactly the same, ate the same snack; recently added a whiskey brother”. And he does not notice that everything has changed in his former homeland since the 70s: whiskey has been in use in Russia since the 90s; everyone has long known that cognac is not slammed in piles for a snack, that’s what vodka is for; beluga caviar is not served in two-liter containers for reasons of edibility – in a giant “vessel” (by the way, what is it? in Russia, a container for caviar is called a “caviar bowl” – two-part, with ice in the lower vessel) you can’t cool it, but warm it up – it will become tasteless. Mr. Girshovich is lying, as he writes. And he writes rudely, enviously.

Such is the fate of an emigrant, whether old or new, not to let go of his former homeland, to invent new and new fables about her, to look into her plate, under the sheet, into heredity: “Under the sheet, you can even stay in your panties. You have to choose: either you are for show, or you are for real. The choice is predetermined by a serious hereditary disease called arrogance “. However, let us remember that the Jews consider themselves the chosen people, that the Jews have the verse “Shema Yisrael”, a prayer that is not a prayer, it does not contain either the glorification of the Almighty or requests. The Shema Yisrael proclaims that the Lord, who is the God of the Jewish people, will be recognized as the only God. For all times and peoples, forever. So where is it more likely to detect hereditary arrogance? What about Leonid Moiseevich? Do you want to look into your own genome?

Although, it would seem, well, what difference does it make to you, gentlemen, good, civilized, pure in soul, after forty years in exile? What is it that bugs you so much? Why do you keep predicting Russia’s death and predicting: “The nation is suffering from infertility. The builders of the Potemkin villages are leading her by the arms, without them she is not able to take a step. You can’t play a play without scenery, and this national vocation or curse: portray yourself and your orgiastic happiness … Enough to recruit extras more in number, cheaper price and to portray: who are the enemies of the people, who are the heroes of the people, who is the launch, who is the launch “? Ali, the West you praise does not hire extras to portray what he needs?

“Give an idea passion of Russians, and they indulge in it recklessly”. But in the West there is nothing like that. “If the national interest that guides national leaders is nothing more than the combined interest of the individuals who make up the nation, then many things immediately fall into place and do not need to be explained”. But for some reason, explanations follow one after another, neither the old nor the new emigration is calmed down.

Is there a chance for those who have recently left not to turn into a tribe of Girshovichs, Shvartsev characters who look into another’s plate? Small, but there. Whoever manages to live his own life, adapt to the environment in which he lives, not to nurture a “little Russia” around himself on hatred of big Russia, he will be able to live without choking in a peculiar emigrant swamp, attributing to Russians the self-perception of “dog shit”.

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