Sep 16, 2021
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"About freaks and people": 1.5 minutes of Maria Zakharova’s speech outweighed "compromising evidence on Lavrov"

The team of Alexei Navalny previously published “compromising evidence” on the head of the Foreign Ministry. However, one and a half minutes of Maria Zakharova’s speech smashed this pseudo-investigation to smithereens.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, smashed the “Navalnovsky” “compromising evidence” against Sergei Lavrov in a minute and a half. In her telegram channel, Zakharova posted a thread from a traditional briefing, where she answered a question about this pseudo-investigation.

Zakharova signed the video succinctly: “About freaks and people.” In a published entry, she gives her assessment of the so-called investigation by Navalny’s team, created with money from Western grants and released exactly on the eve of the elections to the State Duma.

In the video, a Foreign Ministry spokesman emphasizes that the goal of the authors of this opus is destruction and devastation. In fact, the creators of this pseudo-investigation of their motives and do not hide it. They, as according to Goebbels, add a portion of lies to some truthful information and pass it off as truth. All the “compromising evidence” against Lavrov was based on this principle.

Zakharova stressed that the authority of the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry is unshakable, indisputable. The minister is respected even by the most intractable opponents, she said.

“He is respected for his deep knowledge, ability to work and find solutions to even the most difficult international conflicts and problems. And also because he is a human being. So they will not wait!” – emphasized Zakharova.

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