Apr 10, 2021
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About anti-white racism in the United States

“California lawmakers created a task force to consider paying reparations to black slave descendants,” – the agency writes AP… Similar legislative initiatives are being considered in the states of Texas, New York, Vermont.

Nicole Hanna-Jones (NYT): “If black lives are really important in America, you can’t stop at slogans. It’s time for this country to pay its debt “… In March 2021, Hannah-Jones won the Pulitzer Prize for the interactive Project 1619 (the year the first slaves were delivered to America).

Several organizations have publicly apologized for their involvement in the slave trade: Church of England, insurance company Lloyd’swho insured ships with slaves …

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, former President of Chile Michelle Bachelet has called on the former colonial powers to make up for the damage caused by centuries of violence and discrimination. A group of African states said the former colonialists owe them $ 777 trillion. The amount is heavy even for an American printing press.

It is remembered how in 1804 Haiti, after a revolt of black slaves, was freed from French colonial rule. Paris recognized its independence in exchange for compensation for the confiscated property of the planters in the amount of 90 million francs of that time; Haiti paid off the debt to the colonialists only by 1947. Haitian writer Dimitri Léger says: “Not demanding the return of this money from France means not respecting the sacrifices made by my ancestors.”

Remembering the slavery of Africans, we must remember the events that preceded it. Recall “the greatest genocide in the history of mankind” – the extermination of the Indians in America. “Columbus passed a law that obliged all Indians over 14 years old to pay the Spaniards in gold or 25 pounds of cotton every 3 months (in areas where there was no gold). Those who paid such a “tax” were given a copper token with the date of the last payment. The token thus extended the right to live for three months. If the date on the token was overdue, the Indians were cut off the hands of both hands, hung them around their necks and sent to die in their village (Ward Churchill. A little about genocide. Holocaust and denial in America from 1492 to the present)

Columbus had only three caravels, 90 exhausted sailors, and on the way back he wrote in the logbook: “50 soldiers are enough to conquer them all”… The following year, Columbus sailed with 1,500 soldiers. The hunt for people has begun, Ian Carew wrote in the book The Rape of Paradise. Columbus and British Racism in the Americas. It was not possible to turn the Indians into “skillful servants”; they preferred to die. Slaves had to be transported from Africa, and in 2020 it backfired: monuments to Columbus in America were destroyed along with monuments to southern generals …

Monument to J. Floyd in the USA

Monument to J. Floyd in the USA. REUTERS / Brandon Bell

However, on fixing the primacy of the genocide of the Indians in the United States, the rational understanding of the exploitation of slaves ended. Ugly political correctness has become American ideology; instead of the thesis “all are equal” came the thesis “any is not worse than others”, in American universities they started talking about the fact that grammar is racism. Ideological chaos in some heads and a vacuum in others allowed movement BLMon the one hand, to declare oneself “a new word in the development of Marxism” (?!), on the other – to become an easy prey for manipulators, to proclaim that the goal is Donald Trump’s departure “right now, and not in November as a result of elections!”

And now Trump is not in the White House – where should he move his “Marxism” now?

And here the manipulators began their party. $ 220 million gave BLM Soros Foundation. Besides Soros, sponsors BLM became the Ford Foundation, an organization The philanthropic borealis, sponsors of the Democrats. The influential Donor Alliance (Democratic Party) club gave over $ 500 million to black protests. At the same time, they wrote about Soros’ readiness to attack Trump. “With the help of the protests of blacks, Trotskyists and LGBT people”

The BLM program was formulated: 1) to abolish the Judeo-Christian concept of the traditional nuclear family as the main social unit of America; 2) abolish the police and prisons; 3) discredit heterosexuality as the norm; 4) abolish capitalism and replace it with communism (?!).

According to the laws of Hollywood marketing, they began to promote the hashtag # Black lives matter… Founders BLM explained that their movement is exclusive, because # Black lives matter means that “Only black life is important for your liberation”… The hashtag race began, which was already difficult to stop. There was movement #BlueLivesMatter – by the color of the police uniform. The requirements are similar: the killers of law enforcement officers must be convicted under the laws of “hate crimes.”

With the help of “hashtag thinking”, the indisputable merits of the USSR in the struggle for racial equality in the history of the collapse of colonialism are completely denied. From the standpoint of cultivated ideological chaos Anik Valke from the University. Washington in St. Louis states that the Peoples’ Friendship University in Moscow maintained a social hierarchy, people with black skin were “domesticated” as “at a lower stage of development” …

This is anti-white racism. A question about him was asked at a press conference to Sergei Lavrov. He replied: “Russia was a pioneer in the movement for equal rights for people of any skin color. And it is important not to go to the other extreme, as in the case of the BLM movement, with attacks on whites … This is absurd. Political correctness brought to the point of absurdity will not end well “

Photo: REUTERS / Hannah McKay

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