Apr 28, 2021
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About a third of doctors in the Russian Federation feel constant fear when working with narcotic drugs

The Medical Technologies company, with the help of the Doctor’s Handbook service, conducted a survey of 2031 medical specialists about the difficulties one has to face when working with narcotic painkillers and psychotropic substances. The results showed that the activity of more than half of the respondents (52.5%) is directly related to the circulation of these drugs, in another 25.5% it is indirectly related.

26.9% reported constant emotional discomfort and fear due to possible problems, another 38% experience such feelings periodically. 23.1% admitted that from time to time they encounter various difficulties in this context. Most often, doctors have troubles due to errors in keeping records of records (47.6%), constant checks, including without a reason (22%), loss of the drug due to oversight or negligence (8.2%). Another 22.2% of the respondents admitted that the situation is so difficult that it is very difficult to single out a specific problem as a priority one.

Cases of loss of ampoules from narcotic or psychotropic drugs were reported by 6.8% of the respondents, 9.2% had to accidentally break a full ampoule at least once. In such cases, specialists most often received a verbal reprimand from the management (42.5%), but 9.8% of the respondents had to explain themselves to law enforcement officers. Another 30.5% of respondents admitted that they simply wrote off a broken or lost ampoule and no one found out about it.

The majority of doctors (77.9%) believe that there is only one way to improve the system of working with narcotic and psychotropic substances – through a complete revision and softening of the rules for drawing up documentation for accounting for such drugs. Another 53.9% supported the abolition of criminal prosecution of doctors for such mistakes, and 48.2% are sure of the need to increase the literacy of doctors themselves in this aspect of their activities.

The current rules for recording the turnover of narcotic and psychotropic drugs in medical institutions, which are controlled by law enforcement agencies, are considered effective by only 0.8% of the surveyed doctors. Another 22.2% are sure that the Ministry of Health should control this activity, 33.2% spoke in favor of joint work of health authorities and security forces. At the same time, 43.8% believe that these functions may well be entrusted to the management of hospitals.

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