Oct 17, 2021
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ABC Nyheter: Fascists may come to power in Ukraine

“Ukraine is really in a state of decay”

Norwegian internet publication ABC News published an article by the historian and publicist, Ph.D. Bjorn Dietlef Nystad (Björn Dietlef Nystad), in which the author reflects on the future of Ukraine. The reason for these reflections, according to the author himself, was an article by the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, ex-President and Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev “Why are contacts with the current Ukrainian leadership pointless.”

“Apparently, the Russian government perceives Ukraine as a collapsed country ruled by a corrupt political elite, which is nothing more than a puppet of the United States and partly the EU, and which is used for one anti-Russian project after another. Until Ukraine has a sane leadership, the Russian side wants nothing to do with Ukraine. The Russians are going to wait until the situation changes, “

– the doctor of philosophy concludes from the read article.

An article was published on the day of the visit of the US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland to Moscow, and this was a signal to Washington, and to Brussels at the same time that Russia is not going to make any concessions to the anti-Russian regime of Ukraine, notes ABC News… As for Russia, everything is fine without Ukraine, so it can afford to wait as long as it takes.

Björn Dietlef Nystad has no doubt that Ukraine is indeed in a state of disintegration, and the Kiev authorities are an instrument of the external interests of the United States and the EU. He is also sure that these circumstances are the reason for the conflict between neighboring countries. However, according to the author, Russia cannot completely ignore Ukraine.

“There are millions of ethnic Russians living in Ukraine, as well as Russian-speaking citizens, and all of them are actually held hostage by the current anti-Russian Ukrainian regime. For humanitarian reasons, the Russian authorities will be forced to conduct a dialogue with the current Ukrainian authorities, no matter how anti-Russian they may be, ”

– writes the doctor of philosophy.

At the same time, he does not understand why Moscow expects that someday “sane authorities” who are not anti-Russian will appear in Ukraine. In his opinion, the likelihood of such an outcome decreases with each new president. He recalls that in 2019 the current President Zelensky was perceived precisely as this very “healthy political force”, for which 73% of voters cast their votes, including in Eastern Ukraine, where mainly Russian citizens of Ukraine live.

But as soon as Zelenskiy became president, he began to pursue a policy no less anti-Russian and militant than his predecessor. Petro Poroshenko… Why is a topic for a separate study, the Internet publication notes.

“Are there any signs that the new president, aimed at reconciliation, if elected, would indeed pursue a less aggressive and anti-Russian policy than Zelensky, who was also originally supposed to become the“ president of the world, ”

The historian asks.

After Crimea was reunited with Russia, and Donbass effectively separated from Ukraine, about five million pro-Russian voters will no longer take part in the elections, which means that the chances of pro-Russian parties and politicians have become even smaller. And the complete disintegration of Ukraine will lead to power representatives of Western Ukrainian nationalism, that is, the most real fascists, Björn Dietlef Nystad is sure.

“Russia cannot afford to write off Ukraine. In a situation where the anti-Russian forces that came to power during the coup in 2014 have consolidated their control over the country, Moscow should intensify Russia’s interaction with Ukraine, both to protect ethnic Russians and Russian-speaking citizens in Ukraine, and to create difficulties for the current anti-Russian Ukrainian regime, which would have contributed to its downfall, “

– advises the Norwegian historian.

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