Aug 19, 2022
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A young patient suffered for several years not from asthma, but from a plastic toy stuck in his throat

throat plastic toyWhen a resident of Adelaide (Australia) named Marley was 2 years old, he began to have trouble breathing. Doctors quickly made a diagnosis – the boy had asthma.

throat plastic toy

Years passed, and recently, the case of 8-year-old Marley became very bad. Due to worsened breathing, he could no longer play sports and outdoor games, and after almost every meal the boy began to vomit. Jay, the father of the child, admitted that he and his wife, looking at the suffering of their offspring, became more and more convinced that his illness was not asthma at all.

throat plastic toy

Marley’s parents began to take their son to the doctors, insisting on new examinations and a more accurate diagnosis. And finally, the patient got to the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital, where surgeons found the cause of Marley’s problems. It turned out to be a toy plastic flower, which at one time got stuck in the boy’s throat and stayed there for years, causing all the painful symptoms.

throat plastic toy

Now that his son has been freed from the stuck toy, Jay added that he is grateful to the doctors, but he is sure that parents should also listen to their instincts, be vigilant and sometimes put a little pressure on the doctors, demanding a more accurate diagnosis. But Marley was not as verbose as dad. When asked how he felt, the boy simply replied that he was fine.

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