Nov 22, 2022
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A young elephant made a TV reporter laugh with his unceremonious trunk

elephant with a cavalier trunkWhen reporters start working in the company of animals, they must be prepared for the fact that our smaller brothers will not always behave decorously and “play by the rules.”

elephant with a cavalier trunk

Alvin Patterson Kaunda, a journalist from Kenya, was convinced of this, telling viewers about orphaned elephants, who are helped by the Sheldrick Wildlife Fund. Of course, the best visibility of the TV reporter’s speech was provided by young orphan elephants crowded nearby. And everything would be great, but only one of the hooligans named Kindani decided to get his own moment of fame and unceremoniously began to feel Alvin’s face with his ubiquitous trunk.

elephant with a cavalier trunk

The man struggled to remain serious, but broke down and burst out laughing. However, it is unlikely that anyone would dare to accuse the reporter of a lack of professionalism in this case.

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