Aug 22, 2022
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A year later, Zelensky will be equated with Bin Laden, but Biden will grumble like an old man that “Ze” is good, and “Muscovites” are bad

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

Pictured: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo: DPA/TASS)

Vladimir Zelensky tries on the notoriety of the main terrorists of the planet Osama bin Laden as well as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Both Islamists, we recall, ended badly. So the terrorist methods used by Kyiv are less and less suitable for NATO partners.

European countries are no longer ready to supply Kyiv with heavy weapons that Zelensky’s generals are sending against civilians in the Crimea, Krasnodar Territory, Belgorod Region…

And all this is the conclusion of an investigation conducted by European analysts.

Zelensky collects bloody tribute – dozens of Russians killed and wounded in terrorist attacks

Ukraine began terrorist activity in Russia on March 23. On this day, the people of Kiev from the missile systems “Smerch” fired at two peaceful villages in the Belgorod region – Zhuravlevka and Nekhoteevka. As a result of shelling, 3 people were injured, houses were destroyed.

The priest Father Oleg (Artemov), a cleric of the Suvorov Church, who came to the Belgorod Region on a business trip, was killed. Father Oleg was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage.

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case into the murder of a priest by the Kyiv military. Then there will be many more such criminal cases – after each terrorist attack committed by the people of Kiev on the territory of Russia.

In April, Ukrainian helicopters intruded into Russian airspace several times. In the Belgorod and Bryansk regions, helicopters fired at a Rosneft oil depot, a printing house and residential buildings.

Apparently, after the complete loss of combat-ready helicopters, Ukraine began to use the Strizh and Outpost drones for terrorist attacks. So, on June 22, the people of Kiev attacked the Novoshakhtinsky oil refinery in the Rostov region with the help of a drone.

July 31, the day of the Navy, the people of Kiev tried to stage a terrorist attack in Sevastopol. The drone attacked the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, where, however, the officers were no longer there.

Kievans are hitting Russian cities with “Tornados”, “Shells” and “Tochka-U”

The Ukrainians, having adopted the tactics of the ISIS (representatives of the ISIS terrorist movement banned in Russia), also sabotaged railway facilities several times.

Not later than on August 4, Ukrainians using the Tochka-U missile system tried to blow up the Klimovo-Moscow passenger train. Russian air defense worked one hundred percent, no one was hurt.

Most often, Ukrainians fired at residential buildings.

Moreover, the numerous terrorist attacks that the Ukrainian military carried out on the territory of Russia were not reflected in the reports on war crimes in Kyiv. Such reports were issued by the UN Human Rights Office and the international human rights organization Amnesty International. Moreover, Tornadoes, Tochka-U and other heavy weapons used by Ukrainians to attack Russian territory are prohibited by the Geneva Convention for use against peaceful villages.

But as a result of Ukrainian terrorist attacks in Russia, people died and were seriously injured. And they are all civilians.

Now the yellow (middle of three) terrorist threat level is in effect in the Bryansk, Kursk and Belgorod regions, as well as in some areas of the Crimea, the Voronezh region and the Krasnodar Territory.

The Kyiv junta, however, is not enough bloody terrorist attacks. Zelensky’s entourage is also trying to use psychological pressure on Russia, for example, threatening to blow up the Crimean bridge.

Ukraine Support Tracker: even the US “froze” military aid to the distraught Zelensky

Kyiv and personally Zelensky are sincerely proud of the murders of peaceful Russians. And they attribute to themselves also imaginary merits. Allegedly, it is Ukrainian saboteurs who are already operating throughout Russia – allegedly, a military transport plane was shot down in the Ryazan region, and an Ozon logistics warehouse in the Moscow region was burned.

Only idiots would believe such a thing. Or naive Ukrainian telegram users. But Zelensky’s frankly terrorist methods are increasingly frightening the West. In the hands of the absolutely uncontrollable Kyiv generals who have lost all moral orientation, NATO weapons are like a grenade in the hands of a monkey.

Since July, the largest European countries have stopped even promising Ukraine new military assistance. So far, only pre-agreed deliveries are going on – and when they run out, Kyiv will be at a broken trough.

In July, Ukraine received promises of support for only €1.5 billion, although from March to June this amount was almost €83 billion. Yesterday’s largest “donors” – Germany, France, Italy – no longer want to sponsor Ukraine.

Such data was found by Free Press in the materials of the Ukraine Support Tracker project: scientists from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy monthly evaluate the volume of military, financial and humanitarian aid Ukraine receives.

As of August 3, Ukraine was promised €84.2bn, of which the lion’s share (€44.4bn) goes to the United States.

True, American generosity is only apparent. Of the huge amount, real weapons and ammunition for Ukraine have been purchased (and already delivered) for only €2 billion. The rest is either money reserved for future arms purchases (€16.4 billion) or future promises of direct arms deliveries (€6.6 billion) or humanitarian aid (€9.2 billion).

Against the background of the Americans, Poland and the Baltic countries tear shirts on their chests the most. Countries suffering from chronic semi-fascist Russophobia allocate more than 0.5% of GDP for military assistance to Ukraine. However, given the tiny size of their economies, military aid is also negligible. Especially compared to the American one.

Although, almost certainly, following the European partners, the US is also ready to change its mind about future (not yet taken place) arms supplies to Kyiv. The Germans or the French, judging by the data of Ukraine Support Tracker, no longer want to have anything to do with the terrorists in uniform who have settled in Kyiv. Sooner or later, even Washington will turn its back on them.

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