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A worthy continuation: how the children of Sergei and Svetlana Bodrovs live and what do they do

A worthy continuation: how the children of Sergei and Svetlana Bodrovs live and do

Sergey and Olga Bodrovy

Today the famous Russian director and actor Sergei Bodrov Jr. could have turned 49 years old. In 2002, at the age of 30, together with the film crew of the film “Messenger”, he went missing during the descent of the Kolka glacier in the Karmadon Gorge. Then Sergei was left with his 35-year-old wife Svetlana and children: four-year-old Olga and son Alexander, who was born less than a month before his father’s death. How the children of the “Brother” movie star live now, what they do and what they know about their father, we tell in our material on SPLETNIK.RU.

Sergey Bodrov and Svetlana Mikhailova

Sergey Bodrov and Svetlana Mikhailova got married in 1998 just a year after they met.

I have always, since childhood, knew what my wife would look like. Apparently, I thought about this a lot. And when he met her, then, of course, immediately recognized and got married,

– said Bodrov.

Svetlana and Sergey Bodrovy
Svetlana and Sergey Bodrovy

Svetlana worked in the VID company, and Sergey was the host of the Vzglyad program. In 1997, together with other journalists, they were sent on a business trip to Cuba, where they fell in love with each other.

The actor hardly talked about his personal life and family, he said that he did not like to do this. After his death, Svetlana led a closed life with her children, and she decided to have a frank public conversation only three years ago – she gave an interview to Ekaterina Gordeeva, in which she told about her acquaintance with her husband and about life after the tragedy.

Svetlana and Sergey Bodrovy

I was an adult – 30 years old, it seemed to me that I would never get married and never have children; I was sure: in my life there is and will be only one thing – work. And I defended myself somehow. But Seryoga did not let go,

– she admitted in an interview with Colta.

After the trip, the couple never parted.

Sergey and Svetlana Bodrovy

Birth of children

A few months after the wedding, the couple’s daughter Olga was born. And four years later – son Alexander. Svetlana said that after Sasha was born, they were at home for two weeks, then Sergey took them to their dacha, and he flew off to the shooting.

I can see right now: he is getting into his beloved Land Rover Defender huge and says: “I’m from the airport right to you.” This is his last phrase. And I see him off. You know, he flew into my life, like a bird, and flew away,

She recalled.

Sergei Bodrov with his daughter Olga
Sergey Bodrov with his daughter Olga

After the death of her husband, Svetlana raised her children on her own. To say that she had a hard time means not to say anything: not only did she lose her husband and remained in her arms with two small children, so the material question arose before her.

We bought an apartment before Seregin’s departure. There were bare walls. Two children. We must somehow feed them, we must earn money, we must live. But I don’t remember these months at all. In my opinion, I did not understand anything at all. I didn’t even realize that everything, that I am left with nothing, that it’s over,

– she shared.

Sergey Bodrov with children
Sergey Bodrov with children

She was supported and helped by her and Sergei’s close friend Sergei Kushnerev (he was the godfather of the Bodrovs’ children), who was the main reactor of the VID television company, and Konstantin Ernst, who helped organize the search for her husband.

Svetlana and Sergei Bodrov with children

Education and profession

Olga Bodrova graduated from school with a gold medal. She decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and chose an acting profession.

When I was left alone with myself, I began to analyze my life. I’ve always loved dancing, going to the cinema and theater. I began watching films about films, watching some artists. I just realized that I wanted it, but I ran. I was an excellent student at school and thought that a useful profession was needed. It turned out that you just need to do what you love. Recently, an important person told me: “Art conquers sorrow.” This phrase is the meaning of this profession for me. The meaning is that you need to give people some kind of joy, to make them happier. This is very important when you go on stage and feel the exchange of energy. You make yourself better and get to know the people around

– she admitted.

Olga Bodrova
Olga BodrovaOlga Bodrova

Olga’s choice came as a surprise to her loved ones. According to Svetlana, everyone was sure that her daughter would enter the journalism faculty of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov (graduated from it and Sergei Bodrov). Olga told about her plans only to Sergey Kushnerev, who supported her.

Seryoga and Olya played around the theaters! He took her to rehearsals, introduced her to the artists. She really liked talking to him, they had a lot in common, and she took his departure from life very hard (he died in 2017 due to complications after a second stroke. – Ed.), Very hard,

– Svetlana said.

Olga Bodrova

According to the competition, Olga was able to go to the Moscow Art Theater School, the Shchepkin Higher Theater School and GITIS, but made a choice in favor of the latter, having entered the directing department. In doing so, she concealed her known origins. This became clear only on the last round.

Olya came to the exam, so all right, angel, she began to read something exactly. And suddenly Leonid Efimovich Kheifets said one word to her: “Prostitute!” And then Olya immediately changed from the inside, showed temperament. At first, one might think that Olya had the role of a lyrical heroine, but Leonid Efimovich instantly knocked her out of the rut with a biting remark and revealed her potential data,

– said the actor Valentin Sadiki.

Olga graduated from the Institute this year, she studied in the workshop of Leonid Kheifets.

Olga Bodrova

Her acting career began relatively recently. During her studies, she played in student performances, and in 2017 she starred in the short film Confrontation. This year, she tried her hand at big cinema and played in the film by Konstantin Buslov “Kalashnikov” (in the film she played the role of a nurse), which was produced by her famous grandfather. However, the scene with her participation was cut.

She played a nurse. But, you see, this is a tough process. And when we edited the picture, we began to cut a lot. We threw out not her, but threw out the whole episode, where Olga was. But she did everything well. She’s smart, well done. This is such a cruel profession

– said Sergei Bodrov – senior.

Actor Yura Borisov, who starred in the title role in the film “Kalashnikov”, called 22-year-old Olga a very strong actress.

She had a really big episode where we met, talked, but it was cut out. I think because she is a very interesting and strong actress. Regardless of the fact that she is the daughter of Sergei Bodrov. It so happened that the film has a main character, there are male and female lines. She intervened with her presence, but did not receive any script continuation. As a result, it turned out that there was some kind of application for a relationship with her, but then she just disappeared. Therefore, it had to be quickly removed so that no one was confused, because this is a simple linear movie,

– he shared in an interview with “Around TV”.

Olga Bodrova

Now Olga Bodrova is involved in two film projects, which are scheduled for release next year.

This year Olga tried herself in a new role – together with the actor Yuri Kolokolnikov she became the host of the closing ceremony of the Andrei Tarkovsky International Film Festival “Mirror”.

As Olga admitted, she was glad that her debut on the big stage was just that. She said that she felt “incredible unity of cities, countries and continents.”

Yuri Kolokolnikov and Olga Bodrova
Yuri Kolokolnikov and Olga Bodrova

Little is known about Bodrov’s 18-year-old son. He is a non-public person and leads a closed lifestyle. According to his mother, Alexander is very similar to his deceased father.

Our son Sasha is very similar in character to Seryozha. Highly. Even in movements sometimes: when he starts to grimace or dance, he punches me directly with an electric current, because I see Seryozha. Somehow, at the genetic level, everything was transmitted, right down to character,

– Svetlana Bodrova said.

Alexander Bodrov
Alexander Bodrov

Alexander is fond of rap music and releases songs under the pseudonym Simple Sanya. He writes the lyrics himself. So far, he is in no hurry to enter the big stage and sings only for friends and relatives. The son of the Bodrovs is studying, according to some sources, at the history faculty of Moscow State University.

Alexander Bodrov

Personal life and hobbies

Olga Bodrova got married this summer. Her colleague, 31-year-old actor Sergei Bystrov, who also graduated from GITIS, became her chosen one. The couple’s wedding was modest and without a grand scale. The celebration was attended only by the relatives and closest people of the bride and groom. Olga and Sergey signed in one of the capital’s registry offices, and celebrated the holiday on the ship.

Sergey Bystrov and Olga Bodrova with relatives and friends
Sergey Bystrov and Olga Bodrova with relatives and friends
After marriage, Olga left her maiden name. In a rare commentary about her late father, she said that she would not take her husband’s last name after she was married.

I often think of my father. Mom gives the main tips on how to cope with difficulties. I would not change my surname after marriage,

– she admitted.

Olga Bodrova

Bodrova kept her words.

Following the example of her parents, Olga does not talk about her personal life. Until recently, she closed the page on Instagram that was open to everyone from strangers. Her brother adheres to the same principles.

Alexander Bodrov
Alexander Bodrov

Alexander Bodrov

Little is known about the hobbies of the children of Sergei and Svetlana Bodrovs. But it is clear that both Olga and Alexander are creative people, and they inherited this from their parents.

After the death of her husband, Svetlana Bodrova never got married. She said that Sergei was the last man she had.

No one else appeared in my life, either mentally or physically,

– she admitted.

She devoted her life to raising children.

Alexander Bodrov
Olga Bodrova

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