Sep 12, 2020
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A wonderful song that blew up the Web

I blew it up by right - for a real, honest, strong hit. Russian.

It is about the song "Donbass is behind us!", Written by the poet Vladimir Skobtsov and composer Mikhail Khokhlov for the 77th anniversary of the liberation of Donbass from the Nazi invaders.

"In fact, this song touches on a much broader topic. It is not only about Donbass, it is about Russia, about 1941. It is about the entire Slavic world. The battlefield is Kulikovo Field, Kursk Bulge, and our land. And everything is concentrated in this one text. In general, this is a song about the struggle between good and evil, "Khokhlov noted.

The song was performed (perfectly performed!) By young Donetsk women Margarita Lisovina and Natalya Kachura from the Donetsk State Academic Music and Drama Theater named after M.M.Brovun.

It is planned that it will be presented at the International Festival-Contest of the National Patriotic Song "Red Carnation".

Donbass is behind us!

The Beast woke up in pitch darkness,
And God was given a price
All bowed down - and brothers in Christ,
Everything bent, but not my country.

It was a fruitful leap year
And death was drunk with blood,
The firmament bent from leaden clouds,
Everything bent, but not my country.

In the half of the sky a flame
In half the sky I could
Donbass is behind us,
And God is with us!
In the half of the sky the flame
In half the sky I could
Russia is with us,
And God is with us!

Fathers were not betrayed here,
They did not give up their grandfather's land here,
At what cost - you won't find words
Here life was not taken care of for the Motherland.
And again the Russian power is in the hands,
Both life and death for the Motherland are red,
Stands and holds the firmament for centuries
My unconquered country!

May it be destined to die on the cross
But you can't bring us to our knees
In the bloody pole, one for all
Donbass stands and holds the firmament.


Let us recall the first anthem of the Donbass resistance, which was released in April 2014:

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