Aug 1, 2022
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A woman who found a diamond in the forest plans to renovate the house and marry off her daughters

diamond found in the forestThe finds are quite successful and expensive, as Genda Bai, who went to the forest for brushwood, was convinced.

diamond found in the forest

In addition to branches, a resident of the village of Purushottampur (Madhya Pradesh, India) noticed something sparkling on the ground.

diamond found in the forest

It turned out to be a shiny stone, and Genda immediately suspected that it might be quite valuable, and therefore rushed home to show her husband the forest find.

diamond found in the forest

However, the couple could not independently determine what kind of pebble was in their hands, and therefore Anupam Singh, an expert on precious stones, was called to help. It was he who found out that Genda found a diamond that weighs 4 carats and is valued at $ 25,000.

diamond found in the forest

A woman cannot but rejoice at the fact that she will receive unexpected money. First of all, she would like to renovate the house, which is very dilapidated. In addition, the mother of four sons and two daughters plans to marry off her daughters soon. So the money raised for the diamond will be spent on these two solemn events.

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