Sep 23, 2022
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A woman is ready to resist accusations that at 72 she dresses like a teenager

grandma dresses like a teenagerDespite the fact that Keiko Guest is already 72 years old, she does not consider herself a grandmother at all and is struggling with ageism (that is, age discrimination).

grandma dresses like a teenager

A resident of the United States, who at one time was seriously interested in dancing, is so flexible that she really can be mistaken for a young woman. But there are quite a few trolls who accuse the lady of dressing like a child or like a teenager. Keiko is ready to confront such accusations, claiming that she has the right to wear what she wants. The woman laughs at the spiteful critics, teasing them with her playful photos and videos – at such moments she deliberately dresses like a grandmother and even picks up a walker.

grandma dresses like a teenager

Despite the abundance of negativity, a lot of people consider Keiko and her fashionable images (sometimes bold and sexy) a role model. Fans of our heroine admit that they used to be afraid of old age, but now they relate to age without the same worries, because it turned out that you can age in the same style as Keiko.

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