Aug 13, 2022
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A woman earns a living by convincing mistresses to abandon married men

woman convinces mistressesThe profession that Wang Zhengxi from Luoyang (Henan Province, China) has chosen for herself is not the most common.

woman convinces mistresses

A lady earns a living by convincing her mistresses to give up relationships with married men. And things are going well, because in just one year, Wang managed to return 800 unfaithful husbands to the bosom of the family.

woman convinces mistresses

The lady said that she knows firsthand what grief a cheating husband can cause. She herself became a victim of such a disaster, after which she divorced. Yes, and her dad often cheated on her mother, which negatively affected the whole family. So now Wang has become a “mistress persuasion teacher.”

woman convinces mistresses

After another client contacts the woman (that is, a deceived wife), Wang establishes the identity of her mistress and begins to follow her in order to understand where the lady goes and where she happens to be. The next task is to strike up with a mistress something like a friendly relationship and gradually move on to convictions. The main principle of Van’s work is to act gently. Whatever they say, but many mistresses are worthy of pity and sympathy. Sometimes they simply lack someone who would switch their attention to other men and another life where they would not be the notorious third extra figure that many despise. However, there are difficult and even impossible cases. If Wang, having assessed the situation, considers that the percentage of success is less than sixty, then she returns the fee to the customer.

woman convinces mistresses

Be that as it may, but in most cases, Wang achieves positive results. She prides herself on not only earning her living, but also saving families.

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