Sep 12, 2022
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A woman claims that the police detained her because she is incredibly beautiful

arrested for incredible beautyPolice officers who arrived at Harry Reed International Airport (Nevada, USA) detained 28-year-old Hand Bustami.

arrested for incredible beauty

The reason why the woman was arrested was rather prosaic. The lady refreshed herself at the Chili’s Tex-Mex restaurant located at the airport and left the establishment, forgetting to pay.

arrested for incredible beauty

But Hand has his own version of what happened. The woman is sure that she became a victim of her incredible beauty. Since the police had never seen such a beautiful woman, they decided to detain her. In addition, Hand stated that the officers turned out to be perverts and tried to rape her.

arrested for incredible beauty

Now Hand’s beauty is temporarily inaccessible to the general public, because the woman was placed in a pre-trial detention center. In addition to the unpaid restaurant bill, she is accused of aggressive behavior towards government officials, as well as the fact that she was very drunk at the time of the incident.

Fraudster who pretended to be a policeman paid for it, and twice

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