Oct 26, 2021
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A well-mannered boy himself does not litter on the road, and he will not allow others

the boy does not allow litteringA young resident of Henan province (China) was sitting in the car with his parents and waiting for a green traffic light when he saw a sight that unpleasantly struck him.

the boy does not allow littering

Apparently, the strangers from the car in front cannot boast of their upbringing and civilized behavior – they threw some kind of garbage on the road. An indignant eight-year-old boy did not want to put up with such an outrage, so he acted quite directly – he ran to someone else’s car and shoved the trash back.

the boy does not allow littering

Now many people praise a child who taught a lesson to adults. The boy, who probably does not litter on the road himself, will not allow anyone else to do this either.

The boy proved himself to be a “brave” fighter by running away from his rival

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