May 13, 2020
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A well-fed hungry man will not understand: TV presenters quarreled over an action in support of the cultural industry

In Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa and other cities in the evening 000 in May The sky was spotlighted in support of the cultural industry. The promotion is called # stopculture quarantine. On social networks, representatives of this industry were divided into two camps:

Egor Gordeev: This is a public example of infantilism

Presenter "Snіdanok s 1 +1 " Yegor Gordeev wrote on his Facebook page that "I still didn’t understand who and for what the Russian show business from Poshtova Ploshchad was shiningly protesting in the eye at that moment."

"Now I’m cursed for cynicism. But I’m just trying to find logic in the drama of the protest, because the light show is ok. It’s a bit like stylish European commemoration something terrible event of a hundred years ago, but it's to talk.

But still, who and what should “see”?

Obviously the authorities should see how a huge industry appeared on the brink of the abyss, which in Ukraine - exceptionally other industries - is powerful and promising.

What should the authorities do? Give money? Grants?

So the money is not enough to cover the debt even to state employees. And the only region that coped with the premium to doctors on time is Poltava. And we are talking about people who work in hellish conditions at the forefront, usually without a penny under their pillows and mainly with a salary from 3000 to 12 hryvnia.

To exempt from quarantine and allow mass events?

Well, this is a question for the state only conditionally. The whole world, to one degree or another, has adopted the rules of the pandemic game and it is reasonable to demand from the state in this regard equal conditions for, for example, a large and a small store. But it’s not at all wise to demand the opening of concert venues, clubs and stadiums, if official medicine does not allow it, and concert tours and Olympics are canceled all over the world.

Create a de jure system of royalties and cruel legislation in Areas of copyright?

So long gone. Only at the peak of the crisis, when the rooster pecked for peaceful trash, to begin or end any reforms is at least strange and inefficient. It is difficult to come up with an illustrative example than raising an army with the outbreak of a war or convulsing the second stage of medical reform into a pandemic.

Remind the state of its creative possibilities for some kind of hypothetical state order?

Well, there’s nothing to comment on, I think. It’s just that the options don’t come to mind anymore.

Of course, a light protest show with rays in the sky is no longer a collective letter “upstairs” of Soviet times, but also not a creative boom that usually happens evolutionarily in crisis in Western societies. This is infantility and a public example of infantility as a model of behavior in a crisis.

This model does not cause a drive, but a pity and a desire to hide. And I want a fight. A hard creative and life struggle. Many are forced to change their profession. Will receive less. Work harder. Or do not work at all.

I myself think every minute about what and how I can do other than what I’m doing now. But many in this struggle will come up with new formats and platforms, options for conversions and cooperations. The world of small budgets has put everyone on an almost equal footing, and you can definitely take advantage of this in the fight against yourself.

Fighting is interesting and logical. In the end, this is the only chance. Infantilism and hope are not interesting. In the end, it’s giving up without a fight, "wrote Gordeev.

Spouse and PR director of the soloist Pianoboy Olga Shurova supported the words of the presenter. Although they, along with Dmitry, also lost their main income during quarantine.

- And we just recorded an acoustic album in quarantine. As usual, the state did not help us, and it didn’t interfere, either, she assured.

Natalya Kudryashova: We want at least some kind of plan to restore the work of culture

Yegor’s remarks outraged the leading "Examiner" Natalia Kudryashova , who wrote in the comments under his post: “A well-fed one will not understand.” She wished her colleague not to know what unemployment is for a longer time.

“Egor. You are working. Go to where people are and get paid for going there. The whole industry does not understand at all what steps will be taken on mass events to quarantine. We want to start a conversation that everyone dodges. We want at least some kind of plan, conditions, numbers, dates of restoration of the work of culture. They only tell us. They only tell us - insulate yourself, that sounds like going to YUH. However, a well-fed hunger will not understand, "wrote Kudryashova.

On her Facebook page, the presenter also wrote a separate post , in which she assured that # stopcultural quarantine made social networks talk about culture, and not just about opening cafes, markets and hairdressers.

"But there are some conversations from which I still have tachycardia and insomnia. Some, who are the definite mouthpiece of today's government, claim that cultural people need to redefine. And then everything will be fine and there will be no problems with us .... Who needs to reprofile? Do virtuoso musicians, actors, singers, dancers go on asphalt roads or be seamstresses? I can sew masks, but not all my life. I, like all people who studied for a long time and honed their skills, want to work in my specialty. It’s just VERY painful for us all the wonderful artists who know how and want to work their own unique abilities for the glory of our Ukraine, "Natalya emphasized.

The host of the wedding ceremonies in the reality show" Friendship naoslіp " Katerina Krasnikova also fiercely reacted to Gordeev’s words.

"Egor, why your post ??? You reassure them, explain how people pay salaries ?! For example, companies that technically provide artists with a stage, sound, LIGHT taxes that they must pay to the state and salaries, their employees exceed someone 1000 $, 3000 $ at whom 5400 $. What money to pay if there is no income now? "She said.

Producer Mikhail Yasinsky supported the action # stopcultural quarantine: "Nothing is more impressive and inspiring than community, unity and the right weather."

The action was organized in five days

The project # stopculture quarantine was implemented by forces and means of market players in less than 5 days. In this short time, more than 20 cities of Ukraine. For a noticeable and effective result, the organizers of the tasks vowed 5000 light fixtures. pillars of light that were sent from the iconic Kiev locations: Singing Field, Mariinsky Park, Andreevsky Descent, Postal Square, Arch of Friendship of Peoples and others.

Kharkov, Lviv, Khmelnitsky, Vinnitsa, Cherkasy, Odessa, Chernihiv, Uzhgorod, Ternopil, Kiev, Rivne, Poltava, Uman, Mariupol, Kamenskoye, Kremenchug, Drohobych, Stryi, Vyshgorod - rental and production companies of these cities equipped sites with lighting devices to simultaneously turn on blaze the light, thereby causing amazement and admiration for at least six million Ukrainians. By the hashtag # stopcultures quarantine, you can watch thousands of images and videos posted by users on social networks. We watched the online broadcast of the action already 20 viewers.


The Ukrainian ambassador criticized the incident with the song "Katyusha" at a concert in Alanya.

The diplomat threatened to leave Turkey without Ukrainian tourists.

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