Jun 8, 2022
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A visitor to the bar carried out a possum

Possum carried out of the barThis resident of Brooklyn (New York, USA) is sure that opossums have nothing to do in drinking establishments.

Possum carried out of the bar

So the animal that came to the bar did not have a single chance to stay in the room longer. The stranger was not afraid to grab the troublemaker by the scruff of the neck and carried him away. The animal screamed and writhed, but such behavior did not frighten the lady, much less soften her heart.

Possum carried out of the bar

The woman carried the opossum outside and sat it next to the garbage bags. However, the animal did not want to sit there and rushed away – apparently, that day he was hurt too sensitively. And if the possum is dissatisfied, then all the other visitors to the bar rewarded the lady with applause.

Police had to climb onto the roof to save the entangled opossum


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