May 14, 2020
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A video appeared on the web with crying babies who are being cooked “for sale” in Kiev

51 the baby is expecting going abroad / Facebook / Lyudmila Denisova

A video appeared in the network with babies crying in boxes for newborns from the Venice Hotel Kiev. Children who were born as surrogate mothers were brought from the BioTex Medical Clinic. At the end of the anti-epidemiological measures, they will be taken abroad to their "legitimate" parents.

The clinic staff takes care of the children and shows them via video link to their future parents. All clients can find out detailed information about the health status of infants and their behavior, reports Mayak.

According to the Commissioner for Human Rights in Ukraine Lyudmila Denisova, for 05 the parents have already arrived at the hotel, and if every child has documents and a special contract is drawn up, there is no violation of the law. As soon as quarantine is canceled, the children will go to their parents in other states.

The deputy head of the juvenile justice department Dmitry Revun also assured that the surrogacy procedure is not contrary to Ukrainian law.

"These children are traded. This wording will not be an exaggeration - the current legislation of Ukraine allows the signing of agreements on the transfer of babies and payment for services surrogate mothers, "he says, adding that all formal rules are met.

However, the question remains whether the BioTex Medical Center, which is formally created to treat infertility for foreigners and Ukrainians, who can choose a surrogate mother for their child, pays taxes on their activities.

According to the same Dmitry Revun, everything happens voluntarily.

"Who thinks about the motivation of women which money is used as a biological incubator? Obviously, most of them give their voluntary consent, having been reduced to poverty or despair, "said Revoon.

With regard to legislative issues, in Surrogacy is allowed for Ukraine, but the problem is that, by law, such babies do not have a legal status, which means they risk losing the right to protection by the state abroad.

Surrogacy is prohibited in Europe. States such as France, Norway and Austria suppress surrogate motherhood by legislative more precisely, and violators of the law may face criminal liability.

It is worth noting that Ukrainian clinics can not check the legal status of a child after moving abroad, and a surrogate mother does not have any legal rights to him.

The earlier Commissioner for Human Rights Lyudmila Denisova drew attention to the issue of surrogate motherhood in Ukraine, emphasizing that the state should legislatively resolve all the problematic issues so that Ukraine does not turn into a donor country.

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