Apr 20, 2021
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A video appeared in which Dmitry Tarasov listens to Olga Buzova’s song

23:31, 04/20/2021

A friend of a football player posted a video of the singer’s ex-husband watching him dance to the track “Little Halves”.

Friend of Dmitry Tarasov Mikhail Litvin posted a video in the Stories section of his microblog on Instagram, as a 34-year-old footballer listens to the track of his ex-wife Olga Buzova. Tarasov’s friend himself danced to the song Small half… Mikhail tried to copy the movements of Buzova under the famous track.

Dmitry Tarasov watched with interest as his friend parodied Olga Buzova’s dance to one of the most popular songs of the TV presenter. However, Lytvyn could not get in time with the music in any way. I don’t remember the dance, but close, – the friend of the football player laughed. Dmitry Tarasov praised his friend and said that it was very similar to the original dance of the singer.

Dmitry Tarasov listens to Olga Buzova’s song

It is worth noting that in his interviews, footballer Dmitry Tarasov mentioned that he often hears Olga Buzova’s songs on the radio and in public places. Also, the ex-husband of the singer said that he was forced to train to the tracks of the former presenter Houses-2… In such an unusual way, the head coach of the Kazan team Rubin Leonid Slutsky, tried to piss off a football player in the gym.

Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova

Dmitry Tarasov told in an interview for the Youtube show of FC Ruby about one such episode. The last time I was in the gym, I watched TV – and there are clips of Olga Buzova. I say, “What is this? Who did that? ” It turned out that Leonid Viktorovich Slutsky makes me so angry. A perfectly normal working relationship, – the athlete shared. Dmitry Tarasov said that such jokes from the coach do not hurt him. Moreover, he mentioned that Olga Buzova made him famous.

It is worth noting that despite the fact that Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova divorced in 2016, the former spouses continue to recall their past relationships and comment on them in the media. So, in mid-2020, the footballer gave a long interview to Alena Blin, where he spoke in more detail about the reasons for the divorce from the singer. Then the footballer explained that the reason for parting with Olga Buzova was the star’s unwillingness to have children. According to Tarasov, in addition to this, he did not like the publicity in their relationship.

Frame from Olga Buzova’s interview with Arman Davletyarov

Olga Buzova decided to comment on her ex-husband’s interview after more than six months. Former project leader “Dohm-2 said that Tarasov married her when she was already popular and he knew that the singer was actively using social networks. If you take an interest and go to the page to my spouse, then you will see that there are so many photos that even I did not have with him. Therefore, we always blame people for what they ourselves are sinners. You know, sometimes you don’t see a log in your own eye, but you notice a speck in someone else’s, – Olga Buzova told Arman Davletyarov.

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko with their daughters

Recall that Dmitry Tarasov is happily married to model Anastasia Kostenko. According to Olga Buzova, the couple began dating when the footballer was still married to the singer. Only in March 2017, on his 30th birthday, Dmitry Tarasov publicly announced his relationship with Kostenko. In the same year, the lovers signed. Miss World 2014 gave birth to a football player two daughters – Milan and eve

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