Sep 23, 2022
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A veteran of hostilities shared what things you need to take to the recruiting station in the Russian Federation

A veteran of hostilities shared what things you need to take to the recruiting station in the Russian Federation

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Going on the agenda to the recruiting station as part of partial mobilization, each reservist should have a passport, military ID, identity card, medical and insurance policies, and a driver’s license. Of the things you need a set of change of clothes, a towel, threads and needles, personal hygiene items. This information was reported by a member of the presidium of the all-Russian public organization “Officers of Russia”, a military pensioner, a veteran of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Yuri Chmutin, in an interview with a journalist from the online news publication

“Documents for the draftee are necessary first of all. For enlisted personnel, this is a personal passport and a military ID. The officer must have an identity card. Each soldier is required to keep medical and insurance policies with him – basic documents, ”said the military expert.

Persons called up under the VUS “driver” must take the appropriate certificate (rights). To avoid loss, all documents should be carefully folded into a plastic bag. The reservist must take his personal hygiene items: toothbrush, shaving machine, shampoo, soap. Then in the unit everything will be given out to the army. And before arriving at the unit, you must have everything you own – socks, a T-shirt, shorts, a T-shirt, towels. Chmutin stressed that it is not yet known how long the assembly point will function and in what conditions it is undergoing additional training. The soldier must have thread and needles with him. In any conditions, he will have the opportunity to sew his own button.

The veteran told some points about the connection.

“At first, draftees will probably not be banned from using smartphones. Usually, modern gadgets cannot be used in the army, so as not to be photographed and not to be in social networks, ”he emphasized.

Chmutin advised me to make sure that there was always money on the balance of the phone.

He also stressed that it is impossible to win without motivation, so photos of close and dear people should be taken to the front.

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