May 3, 2022
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A valuable teddy bear was found in a toy bag from a thrift store.

valuable bear in a toy bagJem, a British resident, went to a charity shop and was delighted because she managed to buy a whole bag of soft toys for 17 pounds.

valuable bear in a toy bag

A woman’s hobby is the “relocation” of toys. She finds plushies at sales, tidies them up if necessary, and then finds new homes for them.

valuable bear in a toy bag

But the last purchase brought the lady not only good emotions, but also tangible benefits. The package contained a stuffed bear named Grumpy from the Care Bears collection, which at one time was not produced as massively as its plush counterparts, and therefore other collectors are willing to pay up to 300 pounds for a bear.

valuable bear in a toy bag

Of course, Jem rejoices in unexpected luck. And users of social networks, to whom the lady boasted of the purchase, noted that sometimes you can unearth real treasures in thrift stores and flea markets.

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