Nov 8, 2021
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A unique technique to restore the body: 15 minutes a day

A unique technique to restore the body: 15 minutes a day

A unique technique to restore the body: 15 minutes a day

Attention! If you have any back injury it will be inappropriate to use this technique.

The leg up technique and some prerequisites for its use:

-For more efficiency, place a small pillow below your lower back. This ensures that the legs are fixed vertically to the wall and that the arms are extended and relaxed;
– dress in comfortable clothes that will not tighten either at the waist or at the ankles;
– 15-20 minutes of calm standing in this position is enough, provided that you are not distracted by anything. Feel the balance of the body in this position, calmness and a sense of well-being, notice how the blood circulation in the chest and head improves.

1. Relieve leg fatigue

Raising your legs up is one of the best ways to help release tension in your legs, feet, and even your hips. These are three areas that can cause discomfort at the end of the day. But with this exercise, in just twenty minutes, you will release tension in these places and generally reduce body fatigue.

2. Reduce leg swelling

Swelling in the legs is always due to a circulatory problem, the origin of which you should definitely know. This can be due to kidney problems, heart problems, being overweight, taking any medication, or even being malnourished.

By raising your legs high, you will facilitate the movement of those fluids that interfere with normal blood circulation.

Sometimes just spending the whole day “on your feet”, the legs swell. Just as easily, take off your shoes and relax with your feet on the wall – gravity will remove the swelling from the problem area.

3. Calm the nervous system by lifting your legs up

This pose will help improve your breathing. You absorb more air and begin to breathe more slowly and rhythmically during the entire time you are in the position, which has a positive effect on your nervous system: muscle tension is relieved, overload and tension, which are usually concentrated in the abdomen, neck and temples, go away.

4. Improve digestion

In this case, such an exercise acts as an “active investment”. The position where suddenly your legs are above your head is used primarily to facilitate the outflow of trapped fluids and, lastly, to improve digestion. This technique promotes intestinal mobility, which ultimately leads to the fact that the body will absorb much more nutrients, fight constipation and restore inner comfort, the results will certainly have a positive effect on your appearance.

5. Find Mental Peace of Mind

Just twenty minutes of your time and you will be able to relieve physical fatigue and tension, which ultimately will instantly calm your brain. In addition, this posture promotes proper cerebral oxygenation. With this approach, your brain rests, and you begin to feel more conscious, you feel your body more subtly, gaining the opportunity to fill it with calmness.

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