Apr 19, 2021
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A turtle with sore joints was presented with an improvised skateboard

turtle with sore jointsAt some point, the staff of the zoo in Gelsenkirchen (Germany) became seriously worried about Helmut, a male African spurred turtle.

turtle with sore joints

With age, the poor fellow got painful joints, so that he began to move a little. But people came up with a solution to the problem and presented Helmut with an impromptu skateboard, that is, a board with wheels so that the load on the paws was much less.

turtle with sore joints

Now the turtle is learning a new way of locomotion, which it seems to enjoy. In addition, Helmut is monitored by reptile veterinarians. The cart is great, but the turtle is also getting the treatment it needs, so there is a chance that it will recover soon.

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