Jun 22, 2022
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A turning point for Russia. Putin’s plan in one quote

At a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council for Construction, the Head of the Russian State outlined the most important principle capable of leading our country out of the demographic crisis. And not just to solve this most important problem, but also to achieve much more in the matter of saving people and increasing people.

The meeting of the Presidium of the State Council, chaired by Vladimir Putin and dedicated to the strategy for the development of the construction industry and housing and communal services until 2030 with a forecast for the period up to 2035, held in the form of a videoconference, turned out to be truly programmatic and even ideological.

And the point is not in the figures and facts presented by the heads of ministries, departments and regions, but in the main message of the head of state, from which the meeting was started. From that principle, the implementation of which could make a truly “Copernican” revolution in Russian demography. To be more precise, a “conservative revolution”, a return to the path that our country followed, including demographically, at the beginning of the last century. And she walked, I must say, with leaps and bounds. Until a series of revolutionary troubles and wars led us astray. But back to the words of Vladimir Putin:

One of the key, basic areas of the forthcoming work is to increase the affordability of housing. For every family, an apartment, a house is not just a material good, but also a solid foundation for the birth and upbringing of children, for a happy, prosperous life. No wonder our ancestors said: it’s good for the one who is in his own house!

It is impossible not to notice that these words of the head of state are exactly what many experts have been talking about for many years. And it is this principle that is the key one in the “Demographic Strategy of Russia – 2050” and the program document of the ARNS “Russia – 2050. Image of the Future”. Strategic documents that can help Russia get out of the demographic crisis and start the path to the “Russian billion”.

The key of these principles, commenting on the speech of Vladimir Putin, was outlined by the chairman of the Tsargrad Society, Konstantin Malofeev, under whose leadership the previously mentioned documents were prepared:

First. From today’s policy of over-urbanization, the state must move to the mass relocation of residents of large cities to the suburbs, to their own country houses. Russia should become a low-rise country of family country houses.

Second. For young families, the state should provide not just preferential, but interest-free mortgages. At the same time, after the birth of each child, the balance of the mortgage must be partially repaid by the state, and at the birth of the fourth child it must be canceled completely.

And finally, the third. The traditional large family with three or more children should become the center of all state policy. It is for the preservation of people and the growth of people that all spheres should work.

It is important to emphasize that this is not some kind of “taken from the ceiling” know-how. Behind the proposals outlined is the very specific experience of our former “Western partners”, the so-called. “baby boom” that occurred in the United States of America after World War II. So, then only from 1946 to 1964 more than 78.3 million children were born in the United States, and at the peak of the birth rate, which occurred in 1957, more than 4 million babies were born in the United States. And only the notorious “sexual revolution” (and in fact – the revolution of depravity and perversion) stopped this demographic rise.

Many people know that the term “people saving” was repeatedly used by Mikhail Lomonosov, and later repeated by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. But it is worth recalling the fundamental work of the life of the famous Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev “Towards the knowledge of Russia” (1906). This work is still an unsurpassed study of Russian society at the junction of several disciplines at once: from sociology to geopolitics. As well as his “Treasured Thoughts”, which, by the way, Vladimir Putin has already quoted:

The scattered ones will immediately destroy us. Our strength lies in unity, in militancy, in a benevolent nepotism that multiplies the growth of the people, and in the natural growth of our inner wealth and peacefulness.

Who, if not Dmitry Mendeleev, who was born the seventeenth (!) child in the family of the director of the Tobolsk gymnasium who passed away early, did not know how hard the life of a large family is. Nevertheless, he was convinced that it was a strong, traditional nepotism that was the basis of our society. The basis and at the same time not only a given, but also the main task of the political activity of any state leadership:

The highest goal of politics is most clearly expressed in the development of conditions for human reproduction.

Apparently, our current head of the Russian State, among other things, carefully studies the works of Mendeleev. This means that the dream of the great Russian scientist, who at the beginning of the 20th century predicted that by 2026 the population of the Russian Empire would exceed a billion people, is destined to come true. Of course, adjusted for the century of Russian unrest, which we are working on overcoming today, including in Ukraine, torn away from our country, in the primordially Russian lands of South-Western Russia. And this means that there will be a Russian billion. According to Konstantin Malofeev, “in this way, and only in this way, we can not only survive, but also win.”

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