Sep 23, 2022
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A trace of snail slime led customs officers to bags of contraband

snail slime trailCustoms officers working at Dusseldorf Airport (Germany) saw a large snail in one of the baggage carts and at first thought it was a toy.

snail slime trail

But then the snail, starting to move, proved that it is very real and alive. Officials then launched a strange investigation, following the slime the snail left behind to find out where it came from. Following the trail left by a 20-centimeter creature, people stumbled upon a leaky bag, from which another snail was already looking out, obviously also preparing to escape. It was then that the customs officers began a thorough search and found as many as 6 bags of contraband that had flown in from Nigeria. There were not even 2, but as many as 93 giant African snails. In addition, 28 kilograms of fish and smoked meat were in the bags, but many of these products had already begun to rot. The entire cargo was destined for a certain store selling African goods.

snail slime trail

The meat and fish, of course, were destroyed, and the living snails were turned over to the local animal rescue service. Customs officers were surprised to note that they had never found contraband thanks to snail slime.

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