Sep 24, 2022
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A teenage girl was horrified to find out that she was allergic to water

a rare allergy to water in a girlSadie Tessmer has never been afraid of water, but that all changed a year ago when she started noticing that her skin was red and burning after showering.

a rare allergy to water in a girl

A young resident of Buffalo (Missouri, USA) went to the doctor and was horrified by her diagnosis. It turned out that a 14-year-old girl has a rare allergy to water, which affects no more than 100 people worldwide. From now on, Sadie’s life has changed, and not for the better. When she takes a shower, she feels like she is being burned alive. The girl had to forget about going to the beach, playing in the snow and other joys associated with water. Sports and even just walking in the heat are also prohibited – sweat causes the same skin reaction as water. Sadie can’t even cry, because tears corrode the skin of her face. It’s good that the allergy is external, not internal, so the girl can drink water. But only through a straw, otherwise the lips begin to burn with fire from contact with water. Sadie added that she would never have thought that at the age of 14 she would have to go to home schooling and stay at home almost without leaving.

a rare allergy to water in a girl

Amber, Sadie’s mom, said it was terrible to see her beloved child suffer. It is especially depressing that the so-called aquagenic urticaria is practically not studied and is currently not treatable. The girl can only take drugs to relieve symptoms. So mother and daughter can only hope for the best and hope that Sadie will someday feel better.

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