Apr 8, 2021
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A tablespoon plot for abundance and prosperity in the house

A tablespoon plot for abundance and prosperity in the house

An artless conspiracy, which is read on cutlery, will help to attract abundance and prosperity to the house. With his help, he will come out to protect himself and his family members from poverty and troubles leading to poverty.

There are many ways to find wealth and well-being through rituals and rituals. Experts recommend starting with conspiracies, which are simple to execute and do not require special preparation. Tablespoon plots will help you find happiness and prosperity.

one. This conspiracy is read during the growth of the moon, and is immediately consumed with a charmed device. A tablespoon is spoken in the following way:

“There will be no empty spoon – there is plenty of food. As much as we sing to her, so much and prosperity will be added. “

2. The conspiracy is read in turn on each tablespoon, placing them in turn in a plate filled with rice:

“A spoon-rag will not pass by abundance – it will bring everything into the house. As much rice is placed in a bowl, the family will have so much wealth, it will not diminish in the least ”.

After the plot, the spoons are left in the rice grains for a while, and then put in place.

3. This conspiracy is read on a spoon, from which an amulet for wealth and abundance is made. Transparent glue is dripped into it, rice grains, buckwheat and millet groats are placed on it. After the glue dries out, they take the spoon in their right hand, make movements as if they were eating, bringing the device to their mouth, and repeat:

“There is plenty of grain in the fields – everything is in order in the home. As long as the seed is born, abundance dwells in the house. “

four. The spoon is placed in a glass of sugar and placed on the windowsill on the night when the month is growing. In the morning they take it out, saying:

“I will lure prosperity for sugar, I will bring abundance into the house. As if the Month was growing, so much the prosperity is added, life is filled with happiness ”.

five. Another one-one conspiracy is read so that the house is an absolute cup:

“Eat lakomo, sleep sweetly, receive good guests. Whoever comes to visit, takes a spoon in his mouth, he himself will enrich himself, and fill our house with good ”.

To attract abundance and prosperity to the house will come out if you love your den, keep it clean and be sure to carry out energy cleaning so that there is no stagnation of energy, and the negative does not remain in the visit.

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