Jan 7, 2022
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A stunt woman walking around a supermarket on stilts causes controversy

shop trick on stiltsSurely any customer will be at least surprised if he sees a stranger walking on stilts in the store.

shop trick on stilts

However, such a sight appeared before the eyes of people who came to the Cockburn Gateway shopping center (Perth, Australia). They were able to admire Demi Skinner, who was not particularly uncomfortable with her strange vehicle. Well, perhaps only in those moments when she had to pass too low hanging signs. Demi added that it is always a joy to watch the reactions of people, especially kids.

shop trick on stilts

But the woman’s video caused a mixed reaction in social networks, because some users condemned the trick for the fact that she could provoke an accident and endanger someone’s life and health. Demi, who has been a professional circus artist for 10 years, tries to ignore the negative. By the way, she had an official permission to walk around the supermarket on stilts for advertising purposes. Also, the circus performer took care of civil liability insurance, although she was sure that no incidents would happen. Actually, everything really did go without dramatic accidents.

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