Sep 11, 2022
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A student was poisoned by his classmate’s mother because of too good grades

student poisoned because of gradesA young resident of Karaikal (India), who returned home from a school holiday event, complained to his parents about being unwell.

student poisoned because of grades

The boy said that he felt unwell after he drank a soft drink at school, offered by a security guard and allegedly given to the student by his mother. After the 13-year-old boy started vomiting, his parents called an ambulance. In the hospital, the patient was helped and sent home, but soon his condition worsened, and the unfortunate man again ended up in a hospital bed. This time the child was so bad that the doctors could not save his life.

student poisoned because of grades

The parents of the deceased student contacted the police, and the authorities began to work with the records of the school’s CCTV cameras. It turned out that the guard did not wish the child harm. Indeed, a certain woman gave him a drink, but only she was not the mother of a boy, but a classmate of a deceased child. It turned out that the boy was the first student in the class, and his too good grades overshadowed the success of the daughter of a vengeful lady. It was because of the strange parental jealousy that she went to the atrocity.

student poisoned because of grades

The arrested poisoner claims that she did not want the death of the child. She just bought a laxative from some village healer so that a successful student would suffer from diarrhea. But the autopsy report indicated that traces of poison were found in the body of the deceased. The investigation into this strange and undeniably macabre case continues.

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