Sep 8, 2022
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A stroke at 12 and 14 changed the lives of two teenagers

A stroke at 12 and 14 changed the lives of two teenagers

Photo: courtesy of the Charitable Foundation “Help”.

Emir Opara from Kerch and Philip Volkov from Moscow, now both are 15 years old. Different cities and different fates, but they were united by a terrible diagnosis, one for two – a stroke.

This happened to Emir 2.5 years ago on the operating table, when surgeons were changing the valve on the boy’s heart. The child did not come out of anesthesia, and four days later his mother was informed that there had been an extensive cerebral hemorrhage. “It happens,” the doctors said to Olga. Emir came to his senses only after 23 days, completely paralyzed.

Philip became ill at home. The teenager returned from school tired – he wrote an important control, he was nervous. After eating, he went to bed. In the evening he had a headache. He rolled off the couch, screaming in pain. When the ambulance arrived, the boy was able to get up from the floor himself, but on the way to the hospital, the doctors had to resuscitate him.

The stroke changed their lives. Both teenagers were on the verge of death, both of them had very serious consequences of hemorrhage.

The Pomoshch Charitable Foundation opened one general fundraiser, so that the children would be united not only by a diagnosis, but also by support and the opportunity to return to a full life.

Emir and Philip need constant and comprehensive rehabilitation. Both have good recovery potential. Philip is only at the beginning of his journey, he needs to restore speech, swallowing reflexes and the functions of the musculoskeletal system. Emir has already begun to get out of his wheelchair and take his first steps with a support cane, but in order to maintain the result, you need to continue training.

The boys are asking for your help. The total amount of the collection is 1,260,000 thousand rubles.

You can support Emir and Philip on the website of the Help Charitable Foundation or by sending an SMS to the short number 1315 with the word “EASY” and any amount, for example, “EASY 500”.

Thanks for your support!

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