Sep 5, 2022
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A stray dog ​​started playing with a heart-shaped balloon

stray dog ​​playing with a ballLife should consist of enjoyment and happiness from small pleasures. At least, a stray dog ​​from Istanbul (Turkey) is sure of this.

stray dog ​​playing with a ball

A social media user named Nehir filmed an animal acquiring a red heart-shaped balloon from somewhere. The dog immediately forgot about everyday worries and enthusiastically gave himself up to entertainment with a new toy, making fun jumps.

stray dog ​​playing with a ball

Internet users were both amused and touched by Nehir’s footage. It’s nice to see someone in a great mood. Perhaps a joyful dog with a balloon will be able to understand the mood and those around him.

The four-legged artist is actively involved in charity work together with the mistress


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