Dec 28, 2020
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A stranger among his own

A stranger among his own

Why is the personnel policy in the DPR government failing?

Now almost every appointment to a responsible position in the Ministry of Industry of the Donetsk People’s Republic leads to conflicts. Not all of them go out into the public sphere, but many threaten with irreversible consequences.

Old cadres who disagree with the personnel policy of the new minister are dismissed. Over the past six months, the department has already lost 47 (!) People. In the corridors of power, misunderstanding and irritation reign.

The recent appointment of former SBU officer Valery Balakhonov as the head of the ministry’s service was overwhelmed by the cup of employee discontent. For a long time he served as the head of the Main Department of Counterintelligence Protection of the Economy (GOKZE) in the Donetsk Oblast Security Service, then went to be promoted to Kiev. He returned from the post of the first deputy head of the GU “K” of the Security Service of Ukraine. Home, so to speak.

This, to put it mildly, is not quite a politically competent personnel decision made to look at the figure of the minister – Vladimir Ruschak. And a lot became clear …

Vladimir Mikhailovich, as well as the newly minted head of the security service of the ministry, made a career in Ukraine. He became widely known in narrow circles when he headed the National Agency for Accreditation of Ukraine (NAAU).

This body was created by order of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine in January 2002 and was engaged in issuing permits to private companies – the so-called conformity assessment bodies – to carry out activities for certification of goods for compliance with EU standards.

In fact, there was a separation of the functions of accreditation and confirmation of conformity of products manufactured in Ukraine, as required by international standards. In fact, the Ukrainian authorities assigned a special ideological role to this state structure. After all, this was the last frontier for businessmen wishing to open a “window to Europe”. The process of integration into European technical regulation systems was vital for the country’s leadership. Therefore, it is not surprising that the agency and all of its leaders were under the control of the SBU.

Vladimir Ruschak became the fourth head of the agency. The first was appointed during the presidency of Leonid Kuchma. The second was under Viktor Yushchenko. The third is already under Viktor Yanukovych. But Vladimir Mikhailovich, unlike his predecessors, was able to successfully adapt the business schemes of the new format into the state ideology.

First of all, he created the International Association of Conformity Assessment Bodies (IAOOB) on the basis of the agency. All financial flows were transferred to a new structure, positioning itself as a contractual association of legal entities. And the NAAU itself actually did not have the means to settle with the experts. Therefore, it is not without reason that all assessment bodies applying for accreditation were forced to join this association on voluntary and compulsory terms. Note, not for nothing …

The entrance fee, according to various sources, fluctuated significantly – equivalent to from 15 to 200 thousand dollars, depending on the scale of activities of a particular organization. The amount of monthly contributions was also different – from 3 to 20 thousand dollars … Therefore, the priority functions of selecting high-quality products for entering the European market were replaced by a banal collection of funds.

Moreover, the organizers of this scheme could no longer stop. Moreover, shortly after his appointment, Vladimir Ruschak carried out a personnel cleaning in the agency entrusted to him and brought in a “new team” with a “good appetite”.

In the last few months prior to Ruschak’s dismissal, accredited conformity assessment bodies that existed only on paper were stamped through the association. Without some more or less qualified personnel, material and technical base, not to mention testing equipment. Pacifiers.

It is not surprising that a criminal case was opened over the abuse of the agency’s funds, but Vladimir Mikhailovich himself left the country in time and moved to Russia. Using his old connections, he took up the post of acting head of the Office of the Federal Accreditation Service for the Central Federal District in the Russian Federation. And then in some unknown way he ended up in the DPR. He was appointed Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, first oversaw the Department of Trade and Technical Regulation. And already in March of this year he received the post of minister.

Now he tries not to remember about his Ukrainian past … In the circle of colleagues he calls himself a high-level Russian specialist. He is worried about whether his military rank and the rank of a civil servant will be transferred to the Russian military ID and track record. He is silent about the family, which, according to some information, lives in the United States. Against the background of toughening measures against officials and deputies of Russia with foreign citizenship, such “freedom” in the DPR, right, is an impermissible luxury.

It is clear that with such a background, Vladimir Ruschak needs his own people in key positions. A former employee of the SBU, for example, in the position of the head of the ministry’s security. So that no one could ask him uncomfortable questions, and not the most pleasant details of the biography were carefully cleaned up on the Internet.

By the way, about stripping – this is not a “catch phrase”. After all, the aforementioned Valery Balakhonov is still the head of one of the cells of the Ukrainian Association of Veterans of Special Units K of the Security Service of Ukraine …

Fedor Soromotin.


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