Sep 15, 2020
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A smart choice. How to decide on the type of hair removal?

The fashion for smooth body skin came from the East. There, women learned to remove excess vegetation on the body in ancient times. Europeans unconditionally accepted this action as a new trend. Today, this procedure is in great demand in beauty salons and private masters. What are the advantages and disadvantages of different epilation options and which method can be called the most advanced and effective - in the material of

Standard Methods

1. Shaving

One of the standard options that is always available and is the cheapest is called a conventional razor shaving. Today on the market there is a fairly large and varied number of special women's shaving accessories, as well as the corresponding cosmetic products for them. Indeed, this option is extremely convenient: at any time you can take a razor and remove hair from any part of the body.

But there are also "buts". Firstly, the effect of shaving does not last long: literally on the second day, you can feel coarse hairs to the touch. Secondly, irritation can begin. Thirdly, this method does not provide an opportunity to cleanly shave certain areas.


2. Waxing

The use of wax, the so-called. waxing - an option that replaced shaving and was adopted with a bang, since it covered large areas, the result was more durable. You can use wax on any part of the body: on the legs, bikini area, on the skin above the lip, under the eyebrows, etc.

The procedure is quite simple: a warm liquid wax is applied to the skin area, and after hardening it is removed. He pulls out the hairs behind him along with the root. This is what determines a more lasting effect of hair removal: it takes about a month for new hair to grow.

So that the wax strips do not irritate the skin, soothing essential oils are often added to the main component: lavender, tea tree, etc. If you carry out the procedure regularly, the hair becomes thinner, pale, and it becomes easier to deal with them. But there is a nuance: excess hairs should be removed only when they grow at least 5 mm.

3. Sugar hair removal

Sugar replaced wax. Sugaring is similar to the wax method, but differs in the basic component. To eliminate unwanted hair, use a special sugar paste. It is kneaded to the state of putty and applied to the skin, and then torn off with a sharp movement.


4. Electromethod

There are hair removal options that involve the use of various devices. Such, for example, is electrolysis. Here, the hairs are eliminated using the current. A weak discharge is applied to each follicle. The current destroys hair that is developing. You will have to use several sessions, but the result is guaranteed: the hair stops appearing in principle.

Magic rays

Separately, you can highlight such a variant of hair removal as laser hair removal. Today it is ranked among the leaders in terms of frequency of use. And this is not surprising. This method shows amazing effectiveness after the first application.

To begin with, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the list of contraindications that prevent the procedure. If they are not there, the cosmetologist will select the best option and method for removing vegetation.

During the implementation of laser hair removal, there is a successive effect of rays on the hair follicles, which are ultimately cauterized and destroyed. The use of the laser occurs locally, since in one procedure it is impossible to cover larger areas than those for which the beam is sufficient. The device works effectively both with smooth skin and with hairs 1-2 mm long.

You should immediately tune in to the fact that there will be several sessions. Within a month, dormant follicles will wake up and hairs will sprout. It is necessary to repeat the procedure again. For complete hair removal, at least 6-8 procedures should be performed.

This option has many advantages. So, for example, after laser exposure, no ingrown hairs remain on the skin, no pustules and other defects appear. The laser has an antiseptic effect, so it additionally disinfects the skin while removing excess hair.

In addition, this procedure has a long-term effect: hair growth after laser treatment is not observed for 5 years. It is also worth understanding that using a laser is completely painless. Especially when you compare this procedure with waxing and sugaring. And it is also appreciated for its high performance, since this option can be used for various areas of the body: arms, legs, upper lip, etc.

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Where to do the procedure

Laser hair removal is the exclusive prerogative of professionals. If waxing or shugaring can be done on your own at home, then hardware options should be trusted by professionals. Today, many different centers offer their clients a diverse range of services, while not all have doctors who can competently provide these services: they do not have certificates, they have only completed short-term courses, etc. And this is fraught with injuries, lack of effect and wasted money.

Therefore, you should carefully choose a medical facility where you can get quality service. For example, the procedure for laser hair removal according to all the rules and standards will be competently carried out at the Epilas Medical Center. It is specialized, and the number of treatment rooms here coincides with the amount of equipment required for one or another treatment option. You need to look at the fact that the doctor whom you trust with your body and skin is an expert in hardware cosmetology. Such specialists provide high quality services and do not charge a lot of money for their work.


Despite the fact that Epilas has only been operating for about a year, it has already gained popularity among both sexes. After all, everyone wants to get a noticeable result in a short time and without the risk of complications.


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