May 4, 2022
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A small sombrero on a bottle of tequila turned out to be not only beautiful, but also useful

small bottle sombreroSierra Tequila tequila lovers know very well that each bottle of this drink is decorated with a cute tiny sombrero.

small bottle sombrero

Most people just admire the decoration, and then sent it to the trash can, but such disrespect for the hat is completely unfair.

small bottle sombrero

A social media user named Jack Mull shared his experience and proved to people that a sombrero is useful – you can pour salt into it and, dipping a glass in the brim of your hat, measure the optimal amount of salt so that a serving of tequila turns out to be perfectly tasty.

small bottle sombrero

Well, this is exactly the case when people once again realized that they have been doing something wrong all their lives. So, for example, one stranger stated in bewilderment that he used a sombrero to put it on the head of his pet rat. Now, it seems that all small pets will breathe easy, and hats from Sierra Tequila bottles will be used as they should.

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