Jan 7, 2022
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A slice of bread helps keep cookies soft

how to keep cookies softTaking a bite of a delicious cookie and realizing it’s stale is a pretty frustrating experience.

how to keep cookies soft

But a social media user who positions herself as an expert in baking is ready to come to the aid of all sweet tooth lovers who love cookies. It turns out that an ordinary slice of bread will help to keep the cookies soft, which must be placed in a container with sweet pastries and covered with a lid. The point is that the cookies will draw out moisture from the bread, that is, it will dry out, but they will remain soft.

how to keep cookies soft

And if such an uncomplicated method causes skepticism in someone, then it is worth adding that the lady’s message caused a lot of positive responses. Many noted that the invention was not new at all, and their grandmothers knew the trick with bread.

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