May 5, 2021
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“A shame!” – in the Urals, the name of Rokossovsky was misinterpreted

In the Sverdlovsk Region, it is not the first scandal for Russia with errors on banners for Victory Day. In the city of Krasnoturyinsk, they were found on three posters at once, and two errors were factual.

Photos with inaccuracies are posted in the Krasnoturyinsk LIVE public on the VKontakte social network. On one of them, the surname of Marshal of the Soviet Union Konstantin Rokossovsky is written with three letters “k” and one “s” – “Rokkosovsky”. The second banner states that the legendary Victory Parade allegedly took place on May 9, 1945, although in fact it happened on June 24. And the third one says: “Thank you for the peaceful sky!”

There are no official comments from representatives of the Krasnoturyinsk administration and those who made these banners. I think they will follow. In the meantime, citizens, including residents of the city, draw their conclusions on social networks. The conclusions, alas, are disappointing. Those who made all this could find out on the Internet the exact name of the legendary marshal, and the date of the Victory Parade. As for the “myron” sky, here the error is not factual, but rather a misprint. How was it allowed on such an important banner? Didn’t have time to check what was written? And those who posted this work, they also did not pay attention to these errors? And those who accepted the job?

The residents of the city themselves are outraged. One of them writes in public that the citizens of Russia are encouraged to remember and honor history, the heroes of that war. However, with all this, a banner with a mistake in the name of Rokossovsky hangs on the central street of the city.

“For those who did this, I would like to say:” If not a history textbook, then Google will help you! ” – the citizen notes indignantly.

“I was walking right now and couldn’t believe my eyes… Who took the order is also to blame,” a local resident Olga S. wrote on a social network. Darya R. added: “Woe, designers, shameful.”

This is the generation of the Unified State Exam, there’s nothing you can do about it“, – complains Pavel P. Ikbolzhon H., in turn, noted that Pavel just belongs to this generation of the Unified State Exam. But this did not bother the author.

“Well, maybe our generation, in principle, has gone the gene of moronicism, but for the most part we are in the 90s adequate, but nowadays it’s a complete trash,” he replied to Ikboljon.

And so it will do! / Quote from Mf Vovka in the Far Away Kingdom, dir. Boris Stepantsev, USSR, 1965

“A shame! I am very ashamed of our illiterate generation! It is unforgivable not to know our twice heroes of the Second World War! ” – writes Kristina S. And Yulia N. suggested that these banners were “stamped” by guest workers. Evgeny B. agreed with her. “Julia, very much even possible! This has never happened, ”the citizen wrote.

“Lord, what is being done, all do not get off, no one is responsible for anything. It’s a shame for the state … ”- notes Olga S. And Natalya U. turned out to be extremely brief. “Shame!” – she wrote. By the way, the words “shame”, “disgrace” and “shameful” are often heard in the comments. It remains to wait for the reaction of officials and measures to remove this shame from the streets of the city.

Alexander Komarov

Header image: Jan van Hemessen. Removing the stones of stupidity. 1550

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