Feb 19, 2021
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A selection of unsuccessful hairstyles

A selection of unsuccessful hairstyles

Every woman who has crossed the threshold of 40 years subconsciously understands that it is time to decide on changes in her appearance. After all, that make-up, manicure and hairstyle, which make a girl very beautiful at 20, do not suit women of respectable age at all.

Therefore, often the desire to look younger leads to the opposite effect: makeup looks vulgar, manicure is ridiculous, and the hairstyle adds more than a dozen years.

To avoid such mistakes and unnecessary experiments with appearance, our editors strongly advise our beloved readers to abandon such hairstyles.

Hairstyle with loose hair

Hairstyle with long hair is perhaps the most popular today, but many young ladies over 40 are extremely old. Indeed, as women age, their hair texture changes: they become thinner, brittle and weak.

Another reason to refuse this hairstyle is the lack of volume. You must admit that hanging hair, often resembling snot, dyes few people. Therefore, if your hair is not particularly splendid, it is better to choose another hairstyle option.

Smoothly combed and tied hair

This hairstyle option will easily age even a young girl. Therefore, with this hairstyle you need to be extremely careful. If there is a desire to pull off the hair at the crown, you should tousle the hair a little. Otherwise, there is a great risk of looking like a strict teacher.


The desire of many women to pretend at times comes to the point that the ladies turn their own hairstyle into a small “bird’s nest”. The process of creating a hair with a pile is best left to professionals in beauty salons. And for a festive evening, it is better to use the classic styling options.


Braids are an excellent decoration for hairstyles. But they are only able to give grace to young ladies who have not yet crossed the line of 35 years. A tight braid or complex weaving will only add years to women of respectable age.

Haircuts that are too short

A haircut for a boy is not suitable for all young ladies. Therefore, before deciding on a short haircut, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons, and it is better to consult several hairdressers at once.

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