Dec 31, 2020
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A selection of the best materials for 2020

A selection of the best materials for 2020

On December 31, many people are drawn to take stock of the outgoing year. On this day, we do not just write a list of desires and plans for the new year, however, we also remember another one about all our victories and achievements, about all the conquered boundaries and heights taken.

The editorial board also decided to take stock. We have compiled for you a selection of the most popular materials for 2020 on dissimilar topics.

Signs. 2020 has been an openly difficult year. In the top, there is a publication about 5 money orders for 2021. We hope that it will be abundant for our readers and will bring financial well-being. In addition, many are interested in why it is impossible for one person to sleep on two pillows.

Vpopad, about the year of the Ox. Here we advise you to look into the horoscope for 2021 by date of birth and plan your future according to the eastern calendar.

Rites. Our favorite is a note on the three most powerful energy cleanses. Fire, salt and water will save you from negativity and troubles, they are under everyone’s right hand, and protection from failures will not be neatly unnecessary. And then you can conduct the “Key of Luck” ritual – a great practice for luck, success, attracting what you want, fulfilling all plans and goals.

Cards. Among the publications about card fortune-telling and predictions, the tarot test-fortune-telling turned out to be popular. In total, one chosen card will help you get advice from the Universe.

Feng Shui. More romantic victories will bring wallpapers to your phone and computer to attract love. The majestic principle of feng shui: visualize your lusts.

Runes. Runic astrology came in handy for many: we go through which runes will attract good luck according to the Zodiac Sign.

Meditative practices. Do not forget about the high and work on the inner world. Simple meditation to develop clairvoyance and strong intuition will help you find harmony and hear your inner voice.

Burning problems. In 2020, the world was hit by a pandemic. Many people have had to deal with isolation, loss of work or confidence in the future, with anxiety about loved ones and about the future. You can look for answers from the soothsayers: we recall that Vanga and Pavel Globa talked about the coronavirus.

Zodiac signs. Here we again recall the protection from above and the belief in the most important: 5 Zodiac Signs, which are protected by the longest forces.

Talismans. Color mascots by date of birth will help attract pennies and fulfill desires.

Numerology. 2020 was rich in numerical features: leap and mirrored, it intrigued many with the date 02.02.2020. However, leap February is a long time behind, and you can find out something more sincere: for example, what will the amount tell about you, what is in your wallet right now?

Verbal esotericism. Here we recommend several publications at once: 10 words-passwords for money, 5 words-passwords for love and a total of 2 words that will change your life for the better.

We wish you a great and cloudless 2021. We will try to further delight you with burning and unusual materials on your idolized topics.

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