Aug 17, 2022
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A scandalous journalist spoke about the terrible disease of Laima Vaikule


Singer Laima Vaikule is now being criticized by everyone.

In early August, State Duma deputy Dmitry Kuznetsov called for Laima Vaikula to be banned from entering Russia. Other famous people also showered the artist with unflattering reviews. Otar Kushanashvili decided to stand up for the blonde, who, according to rumors, is experiencing a relapse of cancer.

In the late 80s, Laima Vaikule was invited to the USA, where a new round of her career began, the singer began to conquer Western listeners. However, the joy of the opening prospects was replaced by tragedy. The singer was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis – breast cancer, but no one knew about it. It was not customary to share personal problems then.

Kushanashvili recalls that, out of ignorance, he allowed himself an inappropriate remark about Laima Stanislavovna. “At a press conference, I made a remark to Vaikula, saying why she talks about dogs all the time, why she doesn’t want children. I was a fool! She was seriously ill. Then I realized when Oksana Pushkina published her private story on NTV. Lyme could not have children – that was the reason. And I attacked her like the most child-loving shepherd“, – the journalist was indignant.

Laima Vaikule - photo from the archive -
Laima Vaikule – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

He noted that the performer simply could not then think about the family. “The reason was not related to fertility and the possibility of reproduction. She was just seriously ill, was on the verge of death. And now, when I read nasty things about her at the suggestion of people’s deputies, just because she says what she thinks, my heart is out of place. She is not with us, nor with our Foreign Ministry, nor with the patriots, but it seems unfair to me to insult her. Is she right? History will judge“, – said Otar in the YouTube show “What is it?”

Recall that recently the star blonde, according to rumors, had a relapse. The cancer has returned, and now the artist is undergoing a long course of treatment. They say that this is the true reason for the unexpected departure of Pugacheva to Jurmala. Allegedly, the Primadonna wants to support her 68-year-old friend in a difficult period.

Kushanashvili calls on spiteful critics to treat the blonde with sympathy. “Laime Vaikule was the first pro-Western singer who spoke English better than SHAMAN Russian, and Otar Kushanashvili Georgian. She was for us a watercolor stranger from the adventures of Dovlatov, when he molested all the girls on the streets in St. Petersburg. For me, Laima Vaikule is the personification of beauty, including spiritual“, – shared the journalist.

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