Aug 2, 2022
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A scandal erupted at the grave of Yuri Shatunov


Today is the fortieth day since the singer Yuri Shatunov died.

Today, from early morning, fans carry white roses to the grave of the lead singer of the Laskovy May group. By lunchtime, hundreds of the singer’s fans had gathered near the graveyard to honor his memory.

A memorial service for the star of the 90s was held at the Troekurovsky cemetery. Eyewitnesses say that a clergyman approached Shatunov’s grave.

In addition, among the planned commemorative events was the launch of white doves into the sky. From time to time, one of those present turned on the music, the singer’s most famous hits. And some enthusiasts went around those present to collect signatures on a petition for the posthumous awarding of the title of People’s Artist to the singer.

Despite the large number of people wishing to say goodbye to Shatunov once again, the “flesh market” did not lead to any unpleasant incidents.

Yuri Shatunov - photo from the archive -
Yuri Shatunov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

However, the mourning event was still not without scandal. The fact is that at some point people with cameras appeared at the cemetery. As it turned out, the operators arrived with equipment in order to broadcast the Magpies. According to the EG, the shooting was organized by the State Budgetary Institution “Ritual”.

When this became known to the public, a scandal erupted, and the broadcast was immediately interrupted … On the Web, some particularly indignant fans said that such actions for such a respected organization are “beyond“, — said the source.

Recall that recently the director of the singer Arkady Kudryashov told the media about the results of the autopsy. He reported a fresh “plaque” that could have formed in a year. It was this problem that led to the massive heart attack that Shatunov suffered. Kudryashov denied rumors that the artist’s health was undermined by alcohol or drugs.

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