Sep 15, 2020
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A Russian without legs was able to conquer Elbrus on the same hands – video

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Publication from ▪️◾️◼️RUSTAM NABIEV ◼️◾️▪️ (@ rustam_nabiev92)

Russian Rustam Nabiev, who lost both legs, was able to climb to the top of Mount Elbrus on the same hands, which no man had previously been able to do. A video recording of the moment of conquering the peak was published on the blogger's instagram.

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- I did it. I was able to do it! With these hands I reached the top of Mount Elbrus. I love you very much, thanks to everyone who believed in me! He said in the video, holding the pointer from the top of the mountain and barely holding back tears.

In the signature for the publication, the man explained that he was not the first person with disabilities to reach this place. However, previously, no one managed to do this on the same hands. The ascent lasted 15 kilometers and took 13 hours.

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Tyulenin Sergey
Tyulenin Sergey

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