Oct 12, 2021
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A resident of Novosibirsk managed to convince readers of the Daily Mail about the gas issue

British journalists have published an article about the situation in European countries against the backdrop of rising gas prices. The authors of the article, referring to the statements of official London, once again tried to attribute the incident to the Russian side.

A resident of Novosibirsk did not disregard this news. The Russian advised European journalists to pay attention to the actions of officials who at one time refused to cooperate with the Russian Federation, before attributing the rise in prices for blue fuel to Moscow.

“Ask your officials why they refused to sign long-term contracts with Gazprom and made them sell gas at market prices. Austria, Serbia and some other countries have not abandoned long-term contracts, and now they buy natural gas several times cheaper. Your propaganda has completely deprived you of the ability to think, ”wrote the Russian.

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Users of the European segment of the Internet shared the position of a man. Readers of the Daily Mail noted that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Greens were involved in the energy crisis.

“But the Russian put us in our place. Johnson, just send tankers and buy Russian gas. Launch Nord Stream 2. It’s very simple, ”the commentator wrote.

Another user noted that the fault lies with the greens in this situation, as Britain and the European Union abandoned environmentally friendly fuels even before viable alternatives were introduced.

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