Dec 28, 2020
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A reliable strategy for investing in cryptocurrency in 2021 was announced

A safe investment strategy for cryptocurrency in 2021 will be to acquire and hold a small portfolio of bitcoins and Ethereum.

These cryptocurrency projects are likely to exist for several years, Chris Thomas, head of the digital assets department of the Swiss online bank Swissquote, said. Moreover, the supply and demand of these assets should have a positive effect on the growth of their value. Assessing the prospect of digital money next year, the expert drew attention to the fact that the central banks of a number of countries are already testing the national currency in digital form. For example, China has already tested the concept in some cities. Chris Thomas suggested that the PRC will be at the forefront of countries to launch their digital currency. Perhaps this will happen by the end of 2021.

The cost of bitcoin exceeded $ 28,000 during trading on Sunday, which became a new price record. During the day, the cryptocurrency has risen in price by 13.69%, or by $ 3381. Over the year, the price of the most popular cryptocurrency has grown by more than 270%, according to the Federal News Agency.

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