Oct 12, 2020
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A record number of applications were submitted for the casting in the 8th season of the show “The Bachelor” with Timati

12:26, ​​10/12/2020

At the moment, 30 thousand applicants have expressed a desire to try to win the rapper's heart.

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The main news of the past week was the declassification of the identity of the hero of the eighth season of the show "Bachelor". It was 37-year-old Timati. The artist and businessman just a month ago announced the breakup with the mother of his second child Anastasia Reshetova after six years of relationship. Now Timati is again ready to try his luck on the personal front.

After the official announcement of the name of the new hero of the show, the website of "Bachelor" literally exploded with the number of applications. At the moment, 30 thousand applicants have expressed a desire to try to win the heart of the rapper and businessman. And this is a record figure in the entire history of the project. It is worth noting that already in the first few hours after the disclosure of the hero of the new season, more than three thousand applications for participation came to the address of the romantic project. Over the weekend, their number increased almost sixfold. We add that the casting will last until November.

A record number of applications were submitted for the casting in the 8th season of the show "The Bachelor" with Timati

Information about the new "bachelor" had the effect of an exploding bomb. Many stars spoke about Timati's decision, and not in a positive way. So, Rosa Syabitova expressed doubt that Timati chose the right place to find a suitable life partner. The country's main matchmaker said that it was pointless to look for true love on a television project. Anastasia Reshetova agreed with her, noting that for her, reality shows and the intention to build a family are incompatible concepts. Rita Dakota, in turn, touched upon Timati's previous relationship in her commentary and criticized his behavior. Yegor Creed did not stay away from the loud story. Former protege Timati made fun of the rapper and said that he was copying him. Recall that Creed was the hero of the sixth season of the show "The Bachelor". Timati, in turn, declared war on Creed, urging to prepare for conflict.


We add that at the beginning of his career, Timati changed girls like gloves. First, the founder of the Black Star empire had an affair with Alex, then several heiresses of the oligarchs came to his attention. In 2007, Mila Volchek appeared in his life. Their couple was considered one of the most beautiful in show business. In 2011, the rapper even made his beloved a marriage proposal, but a year after the engagement, they parted ways. In 2012, Timati met model Alena Shishkova. A romance broke out between them, the result of which was the birth of a daughter, Alice. The girl was born in 2013 in the Dominican Republic. The businessman wanted to marry the mother of his child, but Alena refused. Despite the separation, Timati and Shishkova maintained good relations and together are engaged in raising a common heiress.

Timati with Alena Shishkova

In 2015, it became known about Timati's romance with another model - Anastasia Reshetova. The lovers denied their relationship for a long time, and only in 2017 began to publish joint photos and go out together. Moreover, Reshetova became a constant heroine of the chosen one’s clips. Despite a six-year relationship, Nastya and Timur never legalized their union. In October 2019, their son Ratmir was born, and a year later the lovers parted.

Timati and Anastasia Reshetova with their son

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