Sep 15, 2020
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A rare precedent. In the Tver region, the United Russia candidate was elected twice for convocation

In the Tver Region, the counting of votes on the basis of the Single Voting Day on September 13, 2020 is coming to an end. The elections were held in 20 territories. 24 campaigns took place, as a result of which 260 winning candidates will receive mandates of deputies of various levels.

The absolute majority of them - 79.23%, or 206 seats in the representative bodies of power - were elected from United Russia, which convincingly confirmed its status of the "majority party".

Governor's meeting was held on September 14 Igor Rudeni with members of the government of the Tver region, at which the results of the single voting day were considered.

“The most important result, confirmed by observers from political parties and public organizations, is the absence of violations at polling stations,” stressed Igor Rudenya. - It is important that representatives of different parties will receive mandates following the election results. This means that there will be opponents, constructive criticism in the work of meetings of deputies of different levels. "

How was the election campaign

During the elections, the Tver region once again demonstrated strict observance of the electoral legislation. Voting, as in all recent years, passed without violations. On the eve of its holding, the population was informed about the elections.

Voting in the Tver region was traditionally held within the framework of the law. For the Upper Volga region, this is already a rule. According to experts, this is the result of the quality work of the authorities, territorial and precinct election commissions, and, of course, this is a certain sign of the maturity of civil society.

The hotline, which was organized in the Public Chamber of the Tver Region, did not receive any complaints on the voting days of September 11-13, related to violations of citizens' electoral rights. Basically, people called with a request to clarify the procedure for voting in the time allotted for this, clarified the address of their polling station.

One of the interesting facts of the 2020 election campaign, which may eventually be included in textbooks for political science students, is the re-election of a candidate from United Russia to the Legislative Assembly Andrey Belotserkovsky...

Professor, director of the Center for Strategic Innovative Development of Tver State University, won a convincing victory in the Rzhevsk single-mandate electoral district No. 11 with a score of 49.52%. Earlier, in 2016, he was already elected to the same composition of the Legislative Assembly of the region in the top three of the United Russia list.

Then, four years ago, Andrei Belotserkovsky yielded his mandate to another candidate - "list" from United Russia, moving to work in the government of the Tver region in the status of deputy governor. This year Belotserkovsky, refuting the famous assertion that it is impossible to enter the same river twice, will receive the mandate of a deputy and within the next year will defend the interests of the people of Rzhev in the regional parliament.

Another significant result of the 2020 municipal elections is the victory of United Russia in the voting in Sandovo. 15 out of 15 seats in the local Assembly of Deputies were won by United Russia. At the same time, the turnout in the territory was one of the highest and amounted to more than 50%.

The leadership of United Russia in Sandovo was not a discovery for local residents and regional experts: in the Assembly of Deputies of the previous convocation, the party also had 15 mandates. Considering the results of voting on September 13, it can be noted that the residents of the municipality are satisfied with the quality of the work of their deputies and are ready to support them in the future.

Candidates from which parties received mandates

As for other political parties, the 2020 elections presented an unpleasant surprise to the local branches of A Just Russia and the Liberal Democratic Party. Thus, the latter did not score even one percent (0.77% and 2 mandates), which can be called an unprecedentedly weak result. A Just Russia received 1.14% and 3 mandates. Representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation have 16 mandates (6.15%), which cannot be called a high result either.

For the first time in the past few years, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation lost its leadership to United Russia in rural settlements of the Kalininsky district, for example, in the Nikulinsky rural settlement, the United Russia gained more than 70%.

In a number of municipalities in the region, "United Russia", following the election results, not only won a majority in the Assemblies of Deputies, but also became the only party that made it to the representative bodies of power along with self-nominated candidates.

This happened in the Oleninsky Municipal District (85% and 17 seats for the United Russia and 15% and 3 seats for self-nominated candidates), in the Penovsky Municipal District (73.3% and 11 seats for the United Russia and 26.67% and 4 seats for self-nominated candidates), in ZATO Solnechny (70% and 7 mandates for United Russia and 30% and 3 mandates for self-nominated candidates), in the Forest Municipal District (80% and 12 seats for United Russia and 20% and 3 seats for self-nominated candidates), as well as in the urban settlement of Novozavidovsky ( 70% and 7 mandates for United Russia and 30% and 3 mandates for self-nominated candidates).

The voting process was monitored by public observers, as well as observers from candidates and political parties participating in the elections.

“All election campaigns on the territory of our region took place in an atmosphere of maximum openness and security, intense competition within the legal framework, but without any serious violations and high-profile incidents,” the chairman of the regional election commission said at a briefing following the voting. Valentina Dronova...

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