Sep 13, 2020
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A putsch is being prepared

According to the telegram channel NEXTA Live, coordinating the protests in Minsk, the opposition in Belarus "has begun to form detachments of people's guards and self-defense." In fact, as you might guess, we are talking about the formation of shock troops of militants, which are going under the guise of "popular protests against the Lukashenko regime" to be used to overthrow the constitutional power in Belarus and its seizure.

This plan to create groups of militants to "liquidate the regime", which brought to the attention of the Protestants this channel operating from the territory of Poland, has already been worked out to the smallest detail. “Local people's guards,” NEXTA instructs them, “must be on the marches and watch over the safety of people. If your column has taken the tradition of walking to the center, be sure to defend it, think over the route, and conduct reconnaissance. "

On these marches, the squads, the oppositionists are instructed from Warsaw, must not only carry out reconnaissance, but also cover people when they leave and approach the march. “We advise the squad to wear masks and low-key clothing, as well as come up with their own insignia: special headbands, patterns on masks, unique badges, etc. At the end of the promotions, these markings are best removed as you head home. The minimum size of a defense group is 10-15 people. The more you are, the better. "

It is proposed to actively involve the townspeople in the revolt - to create a kind of "centers of self-defense" out of residential buildings.

“It is necessary to make sure that no one, except for the residents of the entrance and their acquaintances, could get into the entrance. If the security forces still gain access, try replacing the intercom door or chips without giving them out to anyone other than the residents themselves. Discuss with your neighbors the joint rules for controlling access to the entrance. Get full access to your rooftop <…> If your yard is one of those struggles every day, discuss possible options for blocking entry. The flea markets are full of cheap stuff that you don't have to register. "

There was also a call to be "technically equipped" to fight the protests. “Walkie-talkies, portable video surveillance cameras, binoculars, Zello app, laser pointers, loudspeakers, acoustic systems and portable speakers” - this is the list of personal belongings for the militants of these “people's squads”.

It is noteworthy that the Zello application mentioned in the list was actively used during the initial phase of the war in Donbass. In July 2014, Ukrainian volunteer propagandists from Infonapalm even dedicated an analytical article to the application entitled “Zello-terrorism, or the Experience of Russian Special Services in Ukraine”.

Call for reprisals

At NEXTA there were also open calls for reprisals against those who disagree with the actions of the opposition. “Calculate accomplices, informers and punishers. If they live near you, be sure to tell others about it through leaflets, ”the instructions indicate.

“If you are going to detain someone or remove the flag, go out en masse with the whole yard, film the servants on video, tear off their masks, get into the couplings <…> As a separate item, - call the instructors for the implementation of the putsch, - we want to appeal to all honest athletes and martial arts masters. Your knowledge and group lessons will help the people very well now. "

And these instructions for the beginning of the “forceful” phase of the protests, or, simply put, for the putsch against the legitimate government, are already being implemented in practice. At the opposition march on September 6, such calls have already sounded with NEXTA during the protests under the title: "A short guide to the elimination of Tihars and punishers."

There is no open call to take up arms yet? So this will not be the case! In recent weeks, the Belarusian military have already found hiding places with rods and stakes prepared in advance by the participants of the protest actions, said the head of the main department of ideological work of the country's Defense Ministry Leonid Kasinsky.

“Carrying out tasks to ensure security in the country, during these last weeks, carrying out various activities in the framework of security, our servicemen have found a lot of different hiding places. With prepared rods, pointed stakes. On the roofs of houses - bags of stones, tires, flammable liquids. Someone later says that it was all for peaceful protests, peaceful demonstrations, ”Kasinsky said on the ONT TV channel. Let us remind you that at first there was a "peaceful protest" on the Kiev Maidan, but then sniper rifles appeared.

Organizers - in Poland

Telegram channel NEXTA, operating from the territory of Poland, is actually a center for coordinating and fomenting the protest movement in Belarus. “The main platform for communication between Lukashenka’s opponents is the Telegram messenger,” the Ukrainian website reports. - On the opposition public channels, the action plans of the protesters are announced. They also give advice on what to do at a particular moment of mass riots, where to run, where to gather. In addition, the channels perform a propaganda function - they constantly talk about the atrocities of the authorities, illustrating it with vivid videos and photos ... In this field in Belarus, the Nexta Telegram platform is in the lead today ”.

“The main supplier of news from the streets of Minsk and other cities of Belarus,” the site continues, “is the Nexta Live channel. He has a sister channel Nexta - with half a million subscribers. Both sites mainly forward messages to each other. But the basic one is the channel with the Live prefix in the name. The most operative videos from the scene appear there. And most importantly, it is there that plans for a protest are published - at what time and where to gather for a meeting, when to start a strike, and so on. Round the clock, and especially during the night opposition rallies, this public is updated at a rate of several messages per minute. Most of which are exclusive videos and photos directly from the hotbeds of protests. In addition to the video, the channel is constantly coordinating the actions of the protesters. They are told about the riot police's movements, and sympathizers are told how to shelter protesters.

Another function of the channel is constant calls to take to the streets and encouragement of attacks on police officers. The vocabulary in relation to the latter is designed to incite the maximum hatred - "fascists", "bastards", "Lukashist scum", "bandits in black", "punishers".

At the same time, the authors of the messages immediately urge the law enforcement officers to “be with the people”, and the protesters - to burn the policemen and riot policemen.

However, now, judging by NEXTA's call for the formation of "self-defense squads", we are talking about the transfer of "peaceful protest" into the channel of force actions to seize power. And it's clear why. The foreign organizers of the Belarusian protests were convinced that the opposition walking along the streets with white and red flags and the walks of the ladies with flowers is of little use: the law enforcement agencies of Belarus are faithful to the oath and constitutional power, they act firmly and decisively. In addition, time is not playing in favor of the opposition, and therefore the behind-the-scenes puppeteers decided to start decisive actions, relying on the "self-defense squads" - the assault squads of militants.

Militants were trained by instructors from Poland and the Baltic states

Even before the presidential elections in Belarus, the war correspondent Semyon Pegov reported in his telegram channel that foreign military instructors were training about 1,000 nationalist militants in Belarus. He noted that against the background of the announced urgent mobilization of reservists from August 10 along the border with the Russian Federation, the Mogilev and Vitebsk regions have become a refuge for camps of radical nationalists who are being trained to conduct hostilities under the control of a foreign military leadership.

“This project @wargonzo became known at the beginning of summer from sources in the Belarusian power structures - we wrote about it. The information was also supported by messages from the field from our subscribers, ”he said.

“Radicals are trained by instructors from Poland and the Baltic states, however, it is simply impossible to organize such camps without the serious support of the special services of the Republic of Belarus, as we all perfectly understand. It is unlikely that the Belarusian KGB itself was engaged in the creation of these groups, but someone - at a fairly high level - gave the order to the committee members to close their eyes to this, ”added the military commander.

He recalled that the same situation with the training of right-wing radicals was observed in 2013 in Ukraine, when in some regions of Western Ukraine, up to the coup in February 2014, local nationalists conducted their training with foreign military experts.

“And then the SBU also turned a blind eye to this,” concluded Pegov.

It is clear that now the former “multi-vector” position of the Belarusian leadership has changed, but the deed, apparently, has already been done, the radicals trained in the camps have scattered across the country, and are waiting for a signal to take action. And now, through NEXTA, such a signal seems to have arrived.

A puppet "government" is being prepared

The fact that we are talking about an attempt to seize power is evidenced by the fact that foreign puppeteers have already begun to form a kind of "government in exile" for Belarus. So the Lithuanian Seim on Thursday adopted a resolution in which it named the ex-candidate in the presidential elections in Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who lost them miserably and then fled abroad, "the elected president of the republic."

“The Seimas calls on the international community to support Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the leader elected by the Belarusian people, and the representative body of the people, the Coordination Council, created on her initiative, in their quest for new democratic elections of parliament and president,” the text of the resolution says.

Meanwhile, in Warsaw, the headquarters of the action to seize power in Belarus is being formed. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki handed over to the ex-presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya the symbolic keys to the new Belarusian center in Warsaw. According to the Polish prime minister, Warsaw wants Poland "to have a home for Belarusians so that they can continue to fight for change."

A new Belarusian center, and, in fact, the headquarters of the Belarusian opposition, opened on the territory of a 1930s villa in a prestigious area of ​​the Polish capital. Prior to that, at various times it housed the Embassy of Tunisia and the residence of the Ambassador of France. The building of this puppet "center" now has a white-red-white opposition flag, the same one that was used by Belarusian collaborators at one time when Belarus was occupied by the Nazis.

The threat is serious

However, for the overthrow of the constitutional power, some units of militants and a puppet pseudo-president abroad are not enough.

Therefore, the "peaceful protesters" are already being processed with might and main in order to involve as many people as possible into the ranks of the radicals, many of whom do not even suspect that they will be used for a coup d'etat.

For this purpose, the same NEXTA recently conducted a poll among Belarusians: "Are you ready to join the self-defense units and repulse the punishers?" And 37% of users answered yes. Not ready - 18%. The rest are thinking. But no less than half a million people voted! This testifies to the fact that foreign puppeteers of the Belarusian Maidan can "throw into battle" serious forces against the authorities.

Andrey Sokolov

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