Jan 25, 2021
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A psychotherapist named fear as one of the reasons for infection with COVID-19

Psychotherapist Igor Salyntsev said that a strong fear of coronavirus infection can become one of the causes of infection, as well as cause other health problems.

“An anxious person is more vulnerable, including to viral pathology,” – Sputnik radio quotes him as saying.

Salyntsev noted that the emotional and mental state of a person is reflected in physiology. According to him, fear reduces the level of mental stability, reduces metabolic processes in the body and its strength, which negatively affects immunity.

He stressed that when anxiety is growing and unnecessary, treatment is necessary. In addition, the specialist called vaccination one of the ways to solve the problem. The psychotherapist also added that information about diseases must be obtained from official and trusted sources.

Earlier, psychotherapist Aina Gromova said that as a result of prolonged self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, a number of people began to develop clinical depression.

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