May 20, 2020
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A priest from Michegan held a church service during a pandemic and fell into memes

The Holy Father conducted a church service without violating quarantine. He defended himself and parishioners from the virus by blessing with a water pistol, thereby falling into one of the craziest memes during the pandemic.

On the Web, you can watch the priest fight with the army of drones.

He fights with the mafia.

Fights the apocalypse.

Tim's ceremony Pelka not only cheered up many parishioners, but also got into coronavirus memes.

The thing is that the priest added a medical mask, gloves and a plastic protective shield to his robe, which covers the entire the surface of the face. Instead of a jar of holy water, Tim Pelk blessed parishioners driving up to his father in cars with a plastic toy gun.

The crazy idea came very spontaneously, and a doctor friend fully fixed it, confirming the safety of using children's water weapons. It is not only safe, but also fun, -

said the holy father.

Photos of the churchman with a toy gun in his hands in a few days gathered a huge army of fans.

Users not only fell in love with the overall appearance of the clergyman, but also drew attention to the almost elusive details in the photo. People suggested that the hero of meme shots saves humanity from demons and COVID - 19.

Father Tim Pelk admitted that he was not ready for such a wave of popularity and only wanted to give people hope, while being careful and exclude the possibility of infection of the parishioners during the service.

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