Apr 19, 2021
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A poisonous snake was found in a package of fresh salad

poisonous snake in saladLeslie Coon, who lives in a suburb of Sydney, Australia, urges people to always check packages of fresh vegetables, fruits and salads.

poisonous snake in salad

And the woman is completely right, because when she bought a package of salad in the Aldi store, she found a poisonous snake from the genus of wide-headed snakes inside. Of course, the disgruntled and frightened customer notified the heads of the store about the dangerous find.

poisonous snake in salad

Aldi called on a local animal welfare organization to help them temporarily take care of the reptile. In addition, an investigation was launched with the participation of a salad supplier to understand how this happened. It is believed that the teenage snake was collected along with the salad from the garden and somehow managed to survive the entire harvesting process, right down to packaging.

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