May 31, 2022
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A park visitor wearing a lace-up crop top had to rush to buy a T-shirt

tie crop topHeading to the Disney World amusement park (Florida, USA), Nicole De Los Reyes dressed in black jeans and a white tie crop top.

tie crop top

And the woman was incredibly surprised when the employees told her that her outfit violated the rules of the dress code and spoiled the atmosphere of the family park. It turned out that excessively torn clothes, clothes with obscene inscriptions, as well as outfits that expose too much of the body are not welcome. It was in the latter category that Nicole’s top was assigned, so she had to rush to find a store to buy a T-shirt or shirt and continue to have fun at Disney World.

tie crop top

The park’s policy has received mixed reactions on social media. Many users are sure that the “family atmosphere” has nothing to do with it. Small children would not care about the top of our heroine. In addition, people remembered the Disney little mermaid Ariel, who generally flaunts in a revealing shell bra. But there were also people who supported the rules of Disney World. In addition, there is an opinion that the ill-fated white top would be extremely impractical when visiting a roller coaster.

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